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Stents with copd

Hi, Havent posted for awhile, although I read posts every day.fInally got on top of Alans LPR . Copd seems to be under control at the moment. Never ending though he is now awaiting MRI for blockages in both legs. They are hoping to stent both legs. But the consultant as pointed out they cannot put him under anaesthetic with his lung function being poor. Can I ask if anyone else as had stents while having copd. Hopefully we will know more after the scan. Thanks for reading this.

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hi I had problems with circulation in my legs a few years ago, I had 2 stents plus 1 balloon put in my groin area. This is all done with an angiogram and you are fully awake.

There is an operation where they replace the damaged artery if it can't be repaired with stents.

I was also sent for an MRI scan and was after that I got stents done, you go in as a day patient,, but can be kept over night if there is a problem with bleeding.

There is no pain just a bit discomfort when inserting stents, if feeling nervous you can ask for a sedative to relax you.

I have had no problems since I had mine done, in fact my legs are probably only part of me I don't get grief with loll.



Tam, do you get the District Nurse to blow up the balloon?


Alan already as a stent in his heart done 15 years ago. He didn't have copd then. From what was explained the consultant will be there in the theatre and they will go into the groin. They are kept in one or two days. All depends on the mri scan. Regards


Hi Tam. The Consultant I suppose as to tell you the bad bits as well. Explained that if anything went wrong Alan would not be able to be able to be put to sleep. Regards


I went into hospital due to shortage of breath. My doctor thought I would get an angioplasty, but this didn't eventuate. During the night I had a minor heart attack, and the cardiologist said he would put a stent in, since he couldn't tell if my SOB was due to COPD or heart failure. I have to be re-assessed in six weeks time. I was discharged and given medication to control my cholesterol, a blood thinner, and nitrate, in case I had an angina attack.


Yes I have had 3 scents put into heart and it was all done under mild sedation. don't worry.


Thanks a lot for your replies.


I had a stent fitted 3 weeks ago. It was through my wrist, not my leg, but I did tell them I have severe COPD. They did not seem to be at all worried - asked me if I was able to lie flat, which I can. The procedure was marvellous - like something out of science fiction. I was extremely nervous - not a good patient - but they kept me very calm - and warm. (Sounds silly, but I suggest having a blanket with you). Mine was for an artery to my heart - I had several short attacks before it. While they were fitting the stent my heart started to complain - very painful - I told them and they gave me pain relief immediately. I'm very glad it was done - I think I may need another one. I think it's a bit more taxing to your system to have them fitted through the groin but good luck with it - I'm sure it will be fine. x


Thanks for your message. It all depends on the Mri scan on Tuesday. The Consultant said they would like him to be able to walk further when done without his breathing stopping him. It is not about him being able to walk further its about the terrible pain in both legs. Will leave it up to the experts. Alan had a stent in his heart 15 years ago which they did through the groin. Regards.


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