Stupid question re mucus

Hi many of you will have seen my posts on my de mukeing saga whereas just can't seem to lessen it , I have pints of the stuff on a daily basis, when I'm ready to expel it I feel so uncomfortable and quite breathless, last week had an X-ray consultant said didn't appear to be much mucus showing in my lung, when I get that horrid tight feeling in my back and round my midriff I have to get the stuff out but it's so often it's ruling my life and wearing me out, my question is if I didn't expel it would I choke or what would happen , I Darby plan to go anywhere because of it, any advice please x

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  • I cant answer that sorry but wanted to suggest you going on a pulmonary rehabilitation course if you havnt already been on one...... they talk a lot about mucus and the best way of shifting it im sure you would benefit from the information and the course itself is great

  • Hi Mandy , thanks for replying yes I've been on one but a couple of years ago, but maybe wouldn't hurt to go again just unbelievable how much there is !!! Thanks xx

  • Yes ive done it twice and got much more out of it the second time because most of it went over my head the first time round,,,,, plus when you do it again you have more knowledge on the illness and how it affects you so i had a list of questions .

  • Hi Mandy , well I'm with resp specialist nurse tomorrow so I will ask if it's possible, thanks xx

  • Hi stone thanks for reply and I do practice these well some of them, but it's just so much of it but thanks for replying xx

  • there is an opp now that kills the nerve that produces mucus and the same nerve is also responsible for contracting the air ways. there are 4 hospital in London doing it and others over the country. People who have this opp say its like a new life, they can breath again walk again and come off oxe . Worth a talk with your doctor. good luck

  • @tomhatha Have you got a link to any info?

  • Oh bye the way what I do to get the mucus up is sing a few hours a day it does the job but when I stop for a few days it's back again.

  • Hi tom, wow thanks for that I will have a look at your posts to see if I can read up a bit on it but I would certainly be interested in that if it were poss I've tried everything else, I do luv singing but my family don't haha but I think they would rather hear me sing than struggle on , thanks X carol

  • If I get the time I'll look for that one and send to you regards Tom

  • Hi tom ' really appreciate your help, I've been trying to get on Twitter for hours it's a site I don't use so I'm struggling to see your posts but I will keep trying , thanks X carol

  • I tried up till 11 30 last night and I couldn't find it I did send the address to someone on Healthunlocked but can't remember who

    sorry, what it is they put the thing down your throat but instead of looking in the stomach they go down into the lung and kill the nerve that makes mucus and also makes the airways narrower regards Tom

  • Hi tom , do you mean broncos copy, I think, for some reason I can't access Twitter il have to wait till my technical computer buddy calls, I must be doing something wrong I'm not very up on it stuff, thanks for trying, I will keep trying xx

  • I'm off to the Resp nurse this morning to find out how to use my new Accapella device which is for helping to shift mucous. I'll let you know what I think of it later. Perhaps it would help you.

  • Hi moy, I do have one of those they are good for moving stubborn Muke etc, I need to stop making so much 😞 Xx

  • Ah! I understand. Mine is worse in the mornings and the daily cry is 'Where on earth is it all coming from?' My poor husband cannot get over the quantity I shift when he helps me with postural drainage. I usually find that the morning 'slap' leaves me reasonably clear until the evening, but when I have and infection it's present all day.

    I've got my acapella now so am hoping it might reduce the need for my husband to assist.

  • Hi moy, I know it's awful gross n so embarrassing isn't it can't plan to do anything for fear of it, I'm turning into a hermit. The acapela is good for loosening it though , good luck n thanks xx

  • I used to be the same until I started using Mucodyne (Carbocisteine 375mg). The Chest consultant prescribed it. It works wonders.

  • I am on Mucodyne 6 a day it does help but I cough loads of Mucus up. But I find I would rather beable to do this I cope better. Rose

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