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Shaky hands

Hi. I was diagnosed with COPD about 6 or 7 yrs ago. A couple of years before I started to get shaky hands. First my right hand then a year later my left hand followed. I was just wondering if the two are related at all? I am ok around friends who know I shake but if someone I don't know sees me shaking it gets a lot worse for some reason. If I have a beer I have to hold the glass with both hands till the glass is half empty then I can manage to hold it with just the one hand. I hate it but the doc says there's nothing that can be done

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You could ask for your B12 to be tested. Low B12 can cause neurological problems. My friend's hands started to shake, I suggested she had her B12 tested, she was so deficient she was immediately put on injections, 3 a week for two weeks and now 3 monthly injections for life.


I've always had shaky hands (lifelong asthmatic), but it has worsened in recent years as my medication increased. I'm pretty certain there's a connection.


My dad has COPD and been on IV antibiotics for 8 or 9 years and over this time has developed an increasingly shaky hand to the point where he now struggles to hold a mug of tea without it sloshing all over. Both his GP and the hospital doctors and nurses don't know what it causing it but at least have ruled out Parkinson's which if course is what immediately leads to your mind and worries you to bits.

It's just another life hindering inconvenience to add to the LONG list of other difficulties that seem to come with COPD and also being over 80.☹️️

Hope you can get a diagnosis for yours and some help to alleviate the shaking.


Intentional tremor. Google it and see if it sounds similar.


It could be due to the medications that you take. Inhalers such as albuteral or steriods.

If you have had this shakeness for years, is it getting worse? Do you have other members of your family have it? Does having alcohol lessen the shaking? If yes, you may want to see a Neauologist. Is it mostly affect your dominate hand? It could be an Essential tremor. It runs in families. The difference between a essential tremor and parkingson is that alcohol lessens the shaking. I have it. It got to the point that I would have to have at least one big glass of wine before I could paint my nails. Eating soup was a nightmare. Meds didn't help much, so I had a Deep Brain Stimulation procedure several years ago. Made a BIG improvement.



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