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When GIVING Up SMOKING Could Kill ASBESTOS Suffer faster

Well Today am quite surprised at what i have read re ASBESTOS & SMOKING and deadly lung inflammation.

Well TWICE i have tried to stop smoking ONE resulted in drowning feeling AND other was nasty efag infection.

SO i am going to cut down on my smoking with aim of stoping BUT latest news on asbestos immunty inflammatory response as left me in a bit of a quandary.

APPARENTLY Cigarette smoke represses the innate immune response to asbestos SO it must represses chronic lung inflammation.

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Well Jeff I have just read that article. When you cut through the lengthy detail it actually says that asbestos in the lung triggers the immune response to expel the asbestos. Cigarette smoke represses this response. Therefore the asbestos remains in the lung and together with the smoke sets up a chronic inflammatory condition in the lungs which leads to cancer. In other words, having asbestos in the lungs is bad enough. Adding cigarette smoke to the mix is disastrous.


This no escape really if it's not asbestos it's the emphysema from suppressed immune system and this two kinds of inflammation involved with smoking and with asbestos.

Was quite a read but if you chug threw said about if you smoke the damage fibrosis from the asbestos is not that server compared to a none smoker and damage from asbestos would be more server.


I concur with stillstanding63, if you have COPD the last thing you should be doing is smoking. As soon as you give up you will slow down the progression. I smoked for 47 years but gave up 12 days after i was diagnosed. It was hard and i was sick for about 5 weeks but i persevered and now i feel so much better for it and can't believe how disgusting cigarette smoke is now.

I also feel really bad about subjecting family and others to cigarette smoke for so many years.

My sister summed it up last year when she met me at Heathrow and stated..."wow, you no longer stink like an ashtray".


Hi Swerv Don't get me wrong defo agree about smoking and believe me I have tried AND am not saying it's good for you but when it comes to asbestos in lung tissues that stuff never rots and your body uses gut acid to try to deslove it and when that meets delicate lung tissues WELL you don't want that happing as it as bad if not faster than smoking.

With smoking you suffer basic inflammation you don't get the gut acid inflammation and that's what artical was about smoking lessening effect of gut acid on asbestos In lung tissue.

When it comes to asbestos littergation is very inportant argument

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Well said Swerv. As a lifelong non smoker who has suffered from the smoking of others I am so pleased for myself and for the smoker when they manage to give up. However some may wish to try to interpret the science - smoking is bad bad bad. What am I doing up at 2.26 am ?

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This nothing to interpret really it's there in black and white If you know about asbestos & inflammation and innate immune system.


Your up yapping woman's favourite past time pmsl


ha ha. Now it's 7.45. I have to get up to take Twinkle to the vet for his boosters and I'm wiped out!


I agree, I also feel guilty about subjecting other people to my. Smoking. Thank goodness I no longer smoke,and cant even stand the smell of it. I feel so much better for stopping, nearly four years now since I gave up.😊 xxx


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