I have no idea what anything is called...what goes into it blah blah....I'm talking about what the response team gave me the other day when they came out to me...well I do know it's a nebuliser....but that's about it. What I do want to know is can I buy all this equipment just incase I desperately need it and I'm on my own. Or should I stop right now because I've no chance of being able to afford one 😢

So if anyone could give me an idea of what I'd need I'd be really grateful 😊

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  • Pete has his Pari Turbo Boy SX and really likes it. He had his given by the Royal Brompton but you can apparently buy them.

    Try Amazon or Google Pari. You should get the tubing and mouthpieces plus extra filters which need replacing around twice a year.

    Hope that helps s little and check with your doctor just to be sure you need one and get the right one for you. Good luck. Xxxx

  • You can buy them but the stuff you put in them. You can only get from gp. So I would check with your gp before you buy a nebulizer. You can also get one from your resp clinic if they think you need one.

  • Ask your respiratory team or GP if this would be something you should have at home because your GP would have to prescribe the stuff you put in it to inhale, so it would not be much use if he decides not to. Some areas hand them out. I was given one by the hospital respiratory nurse so I would check all avenues before paying out for one.

  • Hi, you really should be seen by your GP or respiratory nurse and discuss your lung condition with them. Hopefully you will learn from them how to manage your symptoms and when to recognise that you need help before a crisis arises again.

    That said I have had a few major asthma attacks and they are terrifying....thankfully someone was able to phone for an ambulance and on one occasion my neighbour carried me from his truck ....don't ask! ....into A and E.

    I was prescribed a nebuliser which was on loan from the hospital...but it was a plug in type and no good if I was travelling. The consultant prescribed the medication.

    I only use mine now when I feel my asthma worsening....I bought a large mains one and a small battery operated one as well.

    I know if I need to use it then the next step is getting A and E is only five minutes away by car though.

    I know some people need to use theirs on a regular basis, mine gives me a lot of reassurance .....knowing its there if I really have problems. ....before getting more help.

    Do you have a spacer to use with your inhaler...or a Peak Flow meter which you can use to see if your breathing is getting worse.

    The best people to advise you would be your medical team and the BLF helpline.

    Take care and I hope your chest infection is improving.

  • Sound advice from everyone. I would like to help too but I know nothing about them.

    Don't be frightened - help is there and we are all here for you if you need us.


  • My previous husband had a nebuliser from the hospital for use at home in the 90s. I bought him a travelling nebuliser that we could plug into the car cigarette lighter port so that he could have his meds when we were on long journeys. It cost about £300 then, but I'm sure cheaper ones will be available now. It meant we could go on holidays and day trips together still.

  • Thank you....I'll look into the travel one too although cars don't have the cigarette lighters now do must be like a mobile phone charger these days

  • Yes, it seems to be the same thing. My husband's Corsa has one, but my Smart car doesn't.

  • Hi, I was issued with a portable nebuliser many years ago by the hospital....It's easy to use but incredibly noisy !

  • I don't care how noisy as long as I'm alive lol

  • Yes..alive is good : ) I used to hate using it when the children were small as they didnt understand.. I really hope you can get one issued to you x

  • I had one given to me for home use by the hospital after my last admission - I do not use it very much but must admit it is reassuring to have one at hand when needed. So hope you can get one too ... good luck xxx

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