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To hot

I have spent the last day or to out of breath and trying to get some short of life by doing things what had taken me 5min to do some thing is taken me15 I have now done my list and I am going fishing on Friday till Monday if the weather lets me my daughter as booked 3 days in Rome the thing is I have never been on a plane its for my birthday I am 21 (I wish) no I am 70 in October so what do I do take some pills have a drink say no I am not going my wife is looking forward to it she as been on a plane once along time a go every thing is booked and payed for my passport is in date so if any one as any I'd let me know be good and take care ED

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Hi Ed

What a wonderful birthday treat.

I would have a word with your GP / Respiratory Specialist to see if it's OK for you to fly....the cabin pressure may affect you.

Make sure you have you EU health card...they are free and give you the same health treatment as the locals are entitled to.

If all is well, go and enjoy yourself, Rome is a fantastic place to visit.

Keep all you medication in your hand luggage on the plane, and as for pills and a drink l wouldn't bother, drink plenty of water, and get up occasionally and have a walk up and down the aisle....flying is a great way to will love it .

Velvet x


Hi I can't add to Velvet's great advice. Rome is a wonderful place and I have been there twice. Make sure you get to see the Vatican and do the tour - it is marvellous. Watch the cars as the drivers drive like lunatics! x

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