Oh my God! I've been awarded PIP

I wanted to share this because I know COPD hasn't been recognised as a disability.

To those that have applied and been refused please don't give up. That questionnaire is time consuming most questions dont apply to a ΔΊot

of us. Please stipulate that on each question and give the reason why. I DID thinking " I won't get it anyway "

Never give upπŸ˜‰

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  • Well done MM. I keep saying that we have to educate these assessors as to how our disabilities affect and disable us. I got mine as well.

  • Very true SS...they haven't got a clue... if they can't see your disability, they think you haven't got one....Idiots !!!!


  • πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Well done Missy Miles.


  • Well Done Missy_Miles on getting your PIP award.

    You don't get awarded PIP for having COPD or any other illness. You get awarded PIP because of how the illnes affects you in your daily life.

    I think people are often turned down for PIP as a matter of course. Not because there is nothing wrong with them but the powers that be know that a lot of people won't appeal their decision usually because they are ill and don't have the strength to, or they take it on face value that they aren't entitled to it.

    I feel really sorry for all those who have had their Disability Cars taken from them. They have lost their independence and must feel very isolated. Any way that is another subject for another post.

    Anyone filling in the PIP forms should get help with them and if you are turned down always appeal. You have nothing to loose.

    I hope you now have a stress free day. Enjoy the sunshine.

    Regards. John

  • Great news. Xxx πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  • Missy Miles, I am so pleased for you I'm doing a happy dance ! πŸ˜πŸ™‹ xxx

  • Well done I was awarded it on the second Time Of applying for it and the assessor could see I was a lot worse from my first time. X

  • Oh that's brilliant!!! I keep telling people on here not to give up, Persevere!!! I did and got it eventually. I would say that the more information you can put on the form the better. Always describe how you are on one of your worse days. Any extra info helps, seems to sway them in your favour.

    Well done and enjoy!

    Kathy xx

  • Missy_Miles that's brilliant news gives me hope as I'm finishing work soon because of my copd hope I'm just as fortunate as you best wishes x

  • Well done. I'm really pleased for you. Sue x

  • So pleased for you - that must be a great relief and will help you so much. I am still waiting for the dreaded brown envelope following my assessment. Well I say I am waiting for it - will probably take me forever to open the damn thing.

    Love cx

  • Cofdrop they didn't give me an assessment πŸ™„ I hope they've not made a mistake!

  • Sometimes you can be awarded it without an assessment. It depends on the evidence you send in x

  • They won't have made a mistake hun. I think, as with everything in life, it depends on who the decision maker is. Most go on to assessment but by no means all.

    Love cx

  • So happy for you MM perhaps you should post a copy of your form on here so others know how to fill theirs in hahaha. I'm lucky as I have DLA and am too old to have to reapply. Well done Barbs x

  • So so so chuffed for you X how long did it take before you recieved a reply following assessment x

  • Please can you tell me how bad your Copd is and how it affects you I am just going to apply for pip

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