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COPD What age were you?


Just wondering the ages of you guys diagnosed with COPD.

I was diagnosed last year at the age of 41 with Emphysema/Copd and the receptionist at the doctors and my consultant have commented on that being quite young.


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Pete was diagnosed in 1991 aged 39 with sarcoidosis and then with COPD in 2010 aged 58. That does seem young at 41 to have COPD but everyone is different. Good luck to you anyway and good post. xxx

Yes i was 48 and i wasnt taken seriously because of my age ....i was told often i was young yet there are many young members o here

I was diagnosed 6 years ago at the age off 55.and a consultant at the hospital said I was very young then.

So yes,I think 41 is exceptionally young.but everybody is different.

Good luck fluke 13

I was dx with COPD in 2006. I am 58 and now have bronchiectasis too  Age isn't a factor with  many  diseases I have arthritis too and you associate that with old people. But a lot of young people can get it.

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Thanks for the replies guys. I have great difficulty with my Doctor because of my age I think, he keeps saying it's only mild and you are young enough to cope with it (my consultant disagrees) and I think my age goes against me when applying for things like PIP. 

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Hi fluke13 If  you are aged between 16 and 64 you can apply for pip. It goes on how your condition affects your daily life not what conditions you have I was awarded standard mobility because I can't walk 20 meters without getting breathless and standard for care if you are applying for pip I would get help from the CAB because they know the right words to use. And you can work full time and still apply for it. X

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Maybe change your doctor or have word with consultant at hospital he may get your doctor to listen or respiratory nurse not good having GP that won't listen .  Tell your GP you are going change to other dr because you feel he had no rapore with you ! See if ur GP practice as a dr that specialises with chests you be better off with another GP that listens to you 

Diagnosed four years ago at 58 (3 months AFTER I stopped smoking!), what are your spirometry results, would have thought PIP would be more interested in them and how COPD affects your daily life.

i.e. can you walk, talk and cook a meal if yes then they tend to reject the claim ... or is that just the negative me coming out?

I was age 44 when l was diagnosed with emphysema ( after being treated for asthma for many years) by the time l was diagnosed l had lost 65% lung capacity. Still here 16 years later although now on oxygen 24/7.


Hi it is quite young to be diagnosed with copd.  I was at 56.  x

Hi I was 50 when I was diagnosed with COPD/ bronchiectasis  but I have had this for a long time before put was never diagnosed, I had pneumonia as a very young child I was told at 3-4 years of age  

fluke13 I was diagnosed in 2012 aged 60.

Hi I was diagnosed with COPD about 4 years ago at 43 years but I had undiagnosed breathing issues for several years before formal diagnosis. I get DLA  and am waiting for dreaded PIP letter to apply for that! Certainly age is not a barrier to receiving PIP.  The main thing is to get help completing the form.

I was 71 when I had a chest x-ray and told I had emphysema - later told I had asthma too.  Evidently this is a late diagnosis. 

3 years ago aged 50.  I was diagnosed with asthma at 23 and also had double pneumonia when I was 14.   I also now know COPD was in my Mums family  my Grandad and Uncle both had it. My nurse always says to me about being young and how I/We need to keep my lung function as good as possible

My father was diagnosed when I was under a year old and he in his 30s. I'm now almost 30 myself and although his condition has deteriorated significantly he's still going. It's not young, it's just something that is not always diagnosed correctly at that age so more people are diagnosed in the later stages. The earlier it is diagnosed the better! 

I was 42 years old when diagnosed with mild COPD after a routine work spirometry test,  occasionally my breathing feels a bit restricted other than that I keep myself very active and hope to keep it that way, I remember years ago I was told I was at risk (routine work spirometry) of developing COPD which I now believe would have been classed as having the COPD anyway,  so lord knows I could have had it for years.

hi was  diagnosed in 2011 with copd  I was 36 then in 2013 told in was severe emphysema  

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Don't you mean you were 66 in 2013

Hello, I was diagnosed at 49 after stopping smoking.I was told I had severe emphysema 37% fev1 and a lung age of 118....nearly 12 years ago and now have lung age of 108 lol.I asked the doctor if it could be genetic as my Mum had just died of heart failure due to her emphysema...the doctor told me not to be stupid as I would be dead already ( her exact words ) .....3 years ago I found out I have Alpha1AD emphysema , a genetic rare disease.

huff xxx

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God, I hope you went back to that GP with a cricket bat to knock some sense into her. What a dimwit. The first thing they should think of when people are too young is the Alpha 1 Defieciency  - there are different types too I believe. Grrrr xx

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She had so many complaints P about her idiotic remarks from so many people that she was given her marching orders! I am glad she's gone and I didn't have to say anything!.There have been quite a few come and go since I have been at that surgery but she took the biscuit! lol!😉xxx


My mum was 40 when she was diagnosed as being in end stages- previously misdiagnosed as asthma. She had it for 10 years x

bolt out the blue.

was going along great lovely day woke up one night feeling as if i was going to die just could not breath so scary here on my own hubby was away 

then kept putting off doing much asbout it then 999 so bad i had phnemonia out of it for two days did not know who i was where i was then told i had c o p d had for roughly five years now still cant get my head round it i was so active never stopped i am so biltter over it 

Don't be bitter love, it could be worse. You can still have fun, your life isn't over, You can still have an amazing future. I can not and will not let this own me nor define who I am. You have copd it doesn't have you.

much love xx

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Diesel is right - every word. Don't let it stop you living your life.

I was 74 or 75 when diagnosed.  Can't remember.  Bitterness has no positive function in your life -  just cut your coat according to your cloth.

Please do come here if you feel down - so many lovely people ready to give friendship and advice - so many much much worse than you or I have gee'd me up - in recent times.


I was diagnosed this year I will be 50 in November, I was tested for Alpha 1 Antitrypsin deficiency because of my age and my dad, the test came back positive  last week, still trying to get my head round it all it seems to have happened so fast

Heidi x

bless you, it all comes as such a shock doesn't it. It's a bit of a bugger but don't let it get you down. There's plenty on here who have lived with this for a long time and still live great lives xx


Hi I was in my early 40s I'm now 69 and still going x

Although i was told a couple of years ago i have copd ,I believe now looking back i suffered with it for many years i am 59 and have servere copd x

I was 42 diagnosed 11 years ago for the first 3 years did not get the flu was really good but then got the flu and had every year since

I was 42 when diagnosed with stage 1 bullous emphysema.

I was 42 when diagnosed with stage I bullous emphysema.

Hi Fluke13, I was diagnosed 3 years ago at 41 years old. It is young. I smoked heavy for 26 years, I have stopped now. As soon as I was diagnosed the cigs went in the trash.

48 in 2005

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