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Tracheobronchomalacia and blue badges

Hi, I've recently been diagnosed with tracheobronchomalacia a rare lung/throat condition. I'm only 20 and have been told it will only get worse, and as I'm so ill now and so young in the early stages of this illness the worst is yet to come. 

I've applied for a blue badge and sent all my evidence off as I get very breathless and tire easily, I never use stairs if I can avoid it and on bad days I can bearly walk 2 or 3 steps. But I'm worried about not being given one because I'm so young. 

I'm starting a new college course in September and the student carpark is a good 5 minute walk away from the building I will be taught in. The disability team have told me I  can park at the building I need to and even arrange for a reserved disabled parking space to be given for my use only BUT only if I have a blue badge. If I don't recive one I'm worried about not being able to do my college course, but I'm scared they will refuse because I'm too young.

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Hi jacentarm,

Have faith, blue badge decisions are taken locally and, in my limited experience, tend to be more compassionate that PIP or DLA.

Each claim is different and based on its merit, tiring very quickly would, in my humble opinion, justify the badge. If they reject then you can appeal although if that were to happen I'd suggest getting CAB or welfare rights groups to help you.

Good luck and don't worry until there is something to worry about!


Hopefully you will not be judged on age but your health problems will be looked at.

I can only wish you good luck and hope all goes well with your college course. Xxx 


My sister has had a disabled badge since her 20s due to a physical disability. They aren't gonna stop you having a badge cos of your age....if you have a disability then they should issue you one.

I don't know what the criteria is but I do know that how young you are won't affect getting one,



Mmm I think you could be right to be concerned. My former local authority refused to give me a Blue Badge due to my age (& I was much older than you at the time). They insisted that if I was that bad then I should be getting high rate mobility (DLA). I am fully aware this was against the 'rules' but they refused to budge. Once I received high rate mobility I got badge automatically.

I strongly recommend that as well as your Blue Badge application you should also apply for Personal Independence Payment (PIP). This is money that can assist with extras you need to purchase due to your difficulties but is also a gateway to other benefits such as automatic Blue Badge if you receive highest mobility component. However it is far from easy to complete the forms and most people require assistance to complete them. Suggest you contact CAB to complete forms. Or similar organisation. Some local authorities have access to organisations that can help complete forms.

Hope you're successful and please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.


Hi sorry to hear your diagnosis I am 57 and was diagnosed with the same condition in January. If you woukd like to speak to me privately pm me. 


I can only comment on Blue Badges anyone over the age of two can apply for a blue badge.  I f you receive certain benefits that will grant you one automatically. Have a look on Google  at the citizens advice pages they give you all the criteria.  I also think that there will be someone at your college that will assist you in applying. Best of luck.


I would talk to your collage university welfair rights officer most have one .. But I agree with Bevvy on issue of ageism.

I suffered same and with atos clowns .. and was refused blue badge as mater of course by council contrary to government guidelines .. all part of cuts these day's 

But like your at uni persevering HAVE to with getting help blue badge 


Looked on line to understand a bit about your condition.  I did read that i provements have been made in treatment  and I hope you will be able to get some help. Like everything these days, it seems you have to push for what you need and deserve. Good luck, Iris x 


I'm sure you will get one our council will award one if you don't get PIP you just have to go for a assessment good luck with your studies


Good Morning Jacentarm & welcome to our community. I don't think age is a factor the decision is based on your level of disability. My Grandson is 4 he has a blue badge & high rate mobility Allowance. We have to smile he has his own car, but he let's Daddy drive ☺. Its worth checking what other benefits you may be entitled to CAB or SS or the help line on this site. Don't be too shy to ask it all helps to maintain your I dependence. Good luck do let us know how you get on Nan


Hello.  You don't say at which hospital you are seeing a consultant and you may be very happy with the diagnosis and treatment you are receiving.   As you have a very rare condition, and if you are not too far from a specialist hospital, it may be an idea to ask to see a consultant at a specialist lung conditions hospital.   I have sarcoidosis and when it got worse my local hospital referred me to The Royal Brompton hospital in London which just deals with lungs (and heart conditions).   I can't find any specialist hospitals for your condition on Google, but (this is just an idea as I would love to help you) if you type in  tracheobronchomalacia specialists  into Google you will find the Great Ormond Street Hospital site (GHO treats children with your condition) and they must know if there are specialist departments in hospitals they refer their children to when they are over 16.   Christine


I have never heard of this disease, so I looked it up on the internet.  

I read that along with meds, there is a surgical procedure where they put stents along the weaken airway walls to help with the lung function. I live in the states, and I have read that several hospitals are doing this procedure not only for this disease, but for what a lot of us have, Bronchiectasis (which is the weakening of the airway walls).

You could benefit with being in contact with a doctor who specialize in this field.



Hello Jacentarm,,,,,the blue badges are only given to people who need them,,,and you need one,,,,,they will look into your information,,,and then make the decision.

When I was at college,,there was a young girl who used a mobility wheelchair,,to get about the college,,,,have you considered getting a small scooter to have in the college? This would mean you used the lifts and then it sends a message to all the other students to be careful,,,,,,she even left the chair there and put it on charge ready for the next day,

Good luck with the blue badge and with your college course,,

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update, I got a badge and didn't need an assessment. also got my place in college too :)


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