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CHARITEs being used by DWP The RT Hon Priti Patel to justify ESA PIP cuts reforms

CHARITEs being used by DWP The RT Hon Priti Patel to justify ESA PIP cuts reforms

Having read few letters of MPs expressing concern over welfare cuts reforms to the DWP and mainly The Rt Hon Priti Patel Mp.

I can't help feeling she is using her creative media skills to desive CHARITEs and FELLOW MP's with regard correspondence MP's concerns over sick disabled treatment.

I don't know about you but I don't donate to charity for charity to do me disservice TALK about advocates .... and what are they doing when the letting DWP cheery pick there words and reports.

Anyway here are a few names the right hon Priti Patel as used in her letters reassuring MP's that even cancer patients can even do a bit wile the dieing .. Well according DWP & Macmillan Cancer Surport that is.

Macmillan Cancer Surport.


As you can guess AFTER reading few of her letters to MP's I was Pritiy much disgusted by how these CHARITEs are letting DWP use cherry pick there words when reassuring MP's that these CHARITEs for sick and disabled said it's ok.

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yes agree with cherry picking - and would say from the Macmillian quote that of course people diagnosed with cancer are going to say that they hope to return to work after treatment because obviously they hope they will get better but that is very different from forcing people back to work or penalizing them if they cannot - shameful - an thank you for highlighting this - just the sort of cynical woolly logic you get from the tories - take care xxx


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