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Pain were I have never had befor

Well I got up this morning well fell out of bed my bones would not move I have pain from head to foot and my knees are playing up with this damp weather old age as court up with me so my wife says (she always said I am a big kid )I am trying to fix my mind on my weight I did lose 5pound but put it back on so now it's got to come off befor xmas my daughter is a lot better and at home now and today I have the grandkids after school God help us I love them to bits and they know it they get me in so much trouble but keep me sane I hope every one as a good day as much as they can Ed

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sounds funny but try this for your knees brilliant stuff work on any thing from pulled muscles tendons to stiff neck , arthritis pain ect

hope you have fun with the grand kids today mine are 2 years and 6 months wear us out lol