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Anyone Know Out About Gastric Bubble Think MY Lung Docs Not Being Honest

Anyway as some will know I have not been to great ... Guts squashing my lungs and that nasty infection doing the rounds.

Anyway I was at my lung doc's and it asked if she could pull up my A&E Lung X-ray from when I was in hospital with this infection doing rounds.

After telling her what trouble I have had with guts and pain and asked if she could see what ever is squashing pressing my lungs.

Anyway to her credit she did and my lungs was clear BUT underneath my left lung where my belly stomach is .. It was a white triangular white blobby mess to be polite.

Now am quite familular with how X Rays ... White being bad black being good etc

So I found my self questing her opinion not vocally but in my mind IF it was a gastric bubble air space.

But Is not black on a X-ray especially where air spaces is like lungs Bubbles not black yet this was like a sticker stuck on film IT was that obvious.

Question is would my lung doc of told me even tho guts are not her profession OR would she let GI & Liver People tell me out gut related

Anyway am going for colonscopy and contrast ct scan this weekend JUST hope it's what my lung doc say's

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If it is not her field she would probably leave it to someone else I would think, Daz. I hope it turns out okay. xx


Hi Toci cheers I was thinking same myself


Hope your colonoscopy & scan go ok for you & you get your questions answered. I always think it's worse if you don't know what's causing a problem so here's hoping you find out soon. Take care x


Hope you get some answers after you've had the test.

I've found consultants stick to their own field.

Best wishes ☺



Hopefully, the scan will give you the answer Daz. Good luck. xx


Hoping it all turns out ok for you Daz and wishing you well as always. xx


CT is the way to go.

Assuming you've no history of digestive tract issues, also have a look at

your diet.

It's a mistake to underestimate what an effect diet can have.

Plenty of websites provide info on what to eat and not eat. Just search 'copd diet'.

You're lucky with your doc, even if her experience is limited, at least she listened to your concerns.

I had a gall bladder removed in 2007, and from that day onwards, the breathing problems became dramatically worse

and never recovered.

I've spent from then until now pleading for my doctors to listen to me, but I've had the same chant from all of them,

saying that the respiratory and digestive systems have no connection.

I've had to take matters into my own hands, at my own expense and I'm now arranging to have a

CT abdomen and a CT Colon done at my own expense.

My GP agrees with me, but even he cannot get the hospital consultants to listen.

Hope the CT works for you - keep pestering them until they sort you out!

Very best of luck!


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Best of luck Denis mate! 👍🏿 D.


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