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Copd/ Asthma


I've been asthmatic for 40 years but have had a lot of infections in the past year. I've had a chest x ray which showed no problems. I am now booked in for a spirometery test in a fortnight. I've looked up symptoms and the first symptoms are said to be coughing in the morning and breathlessness. Unless I have an infection I don't have either. Please can anyone tell me if they have been diagnosed with copd without those symptoms?

I have a very young daughter so am very worried about life expectancy. Thanks.Nat

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Hi,I have been asthmatic for over 20 years but I have a wheezy cough most of the it's thought I have COPD as well as I did smoke in the past

The BLF website has good information and there Helpline is available if you are in the UK 03000 030 555, during office hours.

Take care

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I was diagnosed two years ago with COPD after a spirometery test after 30+ years of being an asthmatic without those symptoms. There is a lot of Very Unclear Information that will scare you. I know it is easy to say be calm but all these thingsshould as all thing be taken with a pinch of salt until you know for certain. Speak to a professional and you can also call the BLF helpline.


hi not every one has same symptoms I have severe emphysema do get very short of breath but don't have a constant cough hardly have any phlegm , chest infections are very common we seem to pick up very easy mine mostly between now and next summer time normally ok between june to September , don't worry about life expectancy as long as you eat healthy , take med and exercise , deal with any suspected chest infection quickly some members have had it 30 plus years , don't goggle to much about it to much on there that just isn't true and frightens people , take care


Oh thank you all so much. I feel so much better to hear your comments. It's so frightening that life can change so quickly but I will try not to panic! Thanks again x


I have moderate copd. I don't have a cough or phlegm. I'm not breathless when I wake up in the morning. I have sob if I exert myself but otherwise keep relatively well. Make sure you have your flu jab, don't smoke, eat healthily & exercise, visit your GP for respiratory checks & hopefully you will lead as long a life as anyone else with or without our condition. Come on here & chat to us if you need advice or just a blether..... We're a friendly bunch & mostly mad as hatters!! Take care & keep in touch x

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Yes, I'm like Jessy - normally no cough (sometimes last thing at night as I bend down to untie my shoelaces), and just breathless on exertion. There is a wealth of information and advice on this site, so keep coming back - it will make you feel a lot less worried about your condition.


Hi Jessy

You sound about like me. If I didn't go to a health fair, I wouldn't even know I have copd..

Do you know your fev1? I'm still working--cleaning offices. Only thing I notice, is if it's humid out, I feel it. Still smoking. Slowly cutting back. All these people saying they get way worse after quitting scare me!

Rubyxx 😊


Thank you! If mad as hatters I'll fit in! Could anyone tell me if the spirometery test is conclusive or do you have to return to see if there is any deterioration in future?


Hi Nat

Sounds like your probably mild copd. If you take care of yourself, you should have a pretty much normal life. Let us know how you make out.😊

Rubyxx 😊 😊


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