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Hi if you google... an outcomes strategy for copd and asthma... then click on the that title when the list comes up it is i think the second one down on the list that comes up.

I know most of the information most of us already know but It is very interesting and a long read.


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I picked up the version at >

It is a very interesting read - and clearly indexed so that you can skip the bits you don't think relevant. The most interesting fact I got from it was that twice as many people die of COPD in the UK compared with the rest of Europe, and three times as many women die of COPD in the UK compared with France. It recommends working collaboratively - so we should continue to pester our GPs and Consultants until we get the answers we need. And we should continue to use PR and exercise and eating healthily to help ourselves stay as well as we can for as long as we can.


Absolutely. We also need to make our politicians take notice of this. I live in Wales and out local Assembly Member took the Lung disease statistics up with the Welsh Health Secretary this week after the Breathe Easy Week PR.


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