New hobby

New hobby

Sometimes it can be difficult for us to have activities due to health conditions. I wanted to find something to do for those days / weeks I can't go out.

I have discovered the joy of adult painting my numbers! Below is my first attempt at something. Had lots of fun and certainly eases stress! I would think I will spend 10 mins on picture and next thing an hour has gone by!

On to my 2nd picture now.

Am getting pics from Amazon for quite reasonable prices. Kits include all paints and everything else needed. You DO need patience and good eyesight! Can be quite complicated in places!! But beats watching rubbish TV when too sick to do much.

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  • That looks like fun. Enjoy!

  • That looks really good x

  • It is so important for most of us to have a hobby of some sort. It can come under the headings of active or chair bound. Mine was watercolour painting amongst others. Sadly I haven't had the incentive to pursue this hobby this year. But I love the use of colour. I am doing a tapestry with many colours. Well done, Bevvy xx

  • Well said not worth watching TV sometimes. Picture looks brill. Yes I read sometimes but have gone off it abit, having trouble with my eyes. The thing is about a hobby you have to find one that doesn't cost much.

    Keep up the good work

    Val xx

  • Sad to hear you having trouble with your eyes. Would be lost without my reading. Am a BIG fan of Kindle. Find that I can get nice and comfy to read. Also can alter print size so easier on the eyes.

  • Hi Bevvy, I really enjoyed reading until my eyesight got quite bad have to use a magnifying glass if its small print, I am waiting for new specs so hopefully should be able to start reading again. It must be great to be able to alter the text size to suit you. Are Kindles exspensive to buy?


  • You can pick up new Kindles for around £59 these days. Either direct from Amazon or larger Tesco,s.

    I would be lost without mine!

  • Well I must say I thought they would be dearer, will have a look when Iv'e got a bit of spare cash, thanks Bevvy.


  • Thanks for suggesting this Bevvy _ it's something I had thought of myself though I might yet still follow through. I decided on Air Dry clay modelling...ashamed to say the I laid out the money to get started and then lost all interest after 1 week :(

    I personally don't like doing knitting, sewing etc but wonder what ideas other members might have...Lovelight

  • I do jigsaw puzzles on line, just type in I also do crossword puzzles in the Daily Mail. Chris x

  • Ah, thanks for this suggestion Chris. Reckon these jigsaws could suit me better and I'll definitely be checking the site it out xx

  • What a lovely way to pass the time Bevvy. Time passes so peacefully don't you find. Like you I am not keen on TV so I do a lot of sketching. Love doing water colours as well. A lot from memory or a rough sketch or I'll just take a photo as I can't sit outside for hours nowadays. Sara.

  • Thats a great result, and who knows, it might encourage you to go it alone one day. I would like to paint, I believe its therapeutic, but wonder what is needed to begin.

    I enjoy knitting and reading. I also rent a cabinet in a local emporium and sell bits and pieces, mostly china or jewellery, that I have accumulated over the years and no longer want. Of course if you have a garden, as we do, then once the weather allows,all spare energy goes to that.

    I play scrabble and do crosswords on line, that is restful and absorbing when you want to forget how you feel! Love Iris x

  • The great thing about painting by numbers kits is everything is included so no extra money for things and the ones I am using are less than £10 a time.

    As has been suggested didn't want to spend loads of money and then loose interest. Not got money to spare these days!

  • That's a good idea Bevvy, its something i would like to try once cataracts have been removed. Like you i don't enjoy much TV. I am playing scrabble on line, only just discovered it and as you can zoom the print, i can see it! Happy painting and well done you. xx

  • hello Sheila, I used to play scrabble on yahoo games and then they stopped it for some reason. I did love playing and wonder what scrabble you play on line, maybe I could find it?

    I paint and have tapestry but not much interested any more, just feeling down I think micky x

  • Hi Micky sorry to hear your feeling down, it does get us that way at times had a low spell myself a few weeks back. The scrabble i play is called Words with Friends, my step son put it on my phone for me. Its free and i find it enjoyable. You can get it on computer but i'm not computer literate, really must learn! Happy scrabbling, maybe we can have game if you get sorted! xx

  • thanks Sheila, I think I can get that on I pad, I will check it out. xx

  • I have read about adults doing this Bevvy. People do seem to get lots of satisfaction from it too. I do love the picture you have painted. Well done and onto the next one. xx

  • try the spanish dancer one if it is still available,i done it in the intensive care ward after my lobectomy

  • As long as it makes you happier it does not matter what hobby you do. Enjoy and well done.

  • Tapestry? Makes you cushions at least, or knitting? Both best done while listening to radio plays or books on tape. Enjoy!

  • I do knitting it makes my blood pressure go down too

  • I want to try oil painting but maybe this is the first step thank you xx

  • I love to read as well in fact when I gave up smoking put the money aside and bought myself a kindle love it money well spent xx

  • What an excellent idea Amazon here I come!

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