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SHOCKING : For most work-related cancers you have a 1% chance of state compensation

SHOCKING : For most work-related cancers you have a 1% chance of state compensation

Deadly statistics and missing bodies

Occupational diseases are the biggest killers of workers both in the UK and worldwide, far exceeding deaths from safety failures, traffic crashes and murders combined. Yet they receive minimal attention.

The hardest hit are the most vulnerable, the most exposed and the poorest employees with the weakest voices in society. They get the least information about the threats and often the worst support, oversight, inspection and advice on compensation. All too often, occupational ill-health is not looked for, not diagnosed and not recorded. The victims are rendered invisible and there is then no need for governments and their agencies to act.

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O so true :(

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Hi Daz, my partner passed away fairly quickly with lung cancer. The consultant had asked him, both times he had seen him, if he had worked with asbestos, which he said, he had. but the Dr never said, oh, well, that's what's caused it.

Also, because of the obvious shock we were both in, and the genuine compassion the consultant and nurse were showing, I felt that he was just saying it because he didn't know what else to say. I could see by the look on his face, that he was truly amazed that my partner was still walking about, looking so strong.Besides, he had been a smoker, but had stopped for 14 years before starting again for 6.

It was not on his death certificate either, which, made me even more sure that the Dr was just lost for words.

Now, I often wonder, did asbestos have something to do with it and was the Dr trying to tell him something. Especially, when a mate of my partner, that had worked with him years ago, was diagnosed with asbestosis a few months after he passed away. It wouldn't make any difference now anyway, it won't bring him back.

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Hi Casper99 truly sorry to read about your partner.. Is shocking how things are kept secret from us especially when it comes to health and occupations

Like we don't know why ... My lung doc go's on about pneumonia BUT like I said to my lung doc health people don't get that unless something else is going on SO why is he not talking about the something else.

The lies I understand is gov policy .... It's the hypocrisy of them that gets to me.

Truly am sorry to read about your partner is a tragedy along with the countless others ... a do wish I could say something positive but I can't see things improving any time sooner.

Is comfort that ther is minority tho that do have consciousnes that will go against grain


I know you have been fighting for too long to get some answers. It's so unfair. Some people do get diagnosed and the cause found straight away. I don't understand why it is harder for some than others.

I hope you get to the bottom of your problems asap Daz, at least then you will know what your dealing with and will be able to move on. xx


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