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Combining COPD exercise and self-management in Wales

COPD is one of the biggest reasons people are admitted to A&E in Wales. A recent national audit found that people with COPD in Wales stay in hospital longer than elsewhere, and sadly more people die here too.

A health care professional in Wales has written a blog for us explaining what she's doing to help people manage their conditions, so that they don't get to the stage where they need to go to hospital.

You can read it here:

Is this 'COPD+' programme something you'd enjoy?

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Its for people who are not ill enough to get on the pulmonary rehabilitation groups


Yes that's right. As Claire says in the blog:

"Pulmonary rehabilitation is the most important thing people with COPD can do to slow the progression of their condition and improve their quality of life – but to qualify they need to fit a set criteria, including an MRC breathlessness score of 3 or above on optimal medication...."

"...We agreed to trial the programme locally and invite everyone in the area who had COPD but didn’t qualify for pulmonary rehabilitation."

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I did pr and got a lot out of it and the fact they can get that information and support before they get so ill can only be good


I did PR in 2008 and it helped me a lot. I have since been refused PR as I am exercise intolerant now!

I can see that it will be of benefit to a lot of people that need that bit of extra support, but are deemed not ill enough for PR which is over subscribed anyway.


Thank you Kevin, I hope they send this initiative nationwide.

I learnt so much on my PR (SW London) in summer 2013. On the assessment I asked if I was ill enough' the reply was that it didn't matter, that I was the ideal candidate as they wished to catch people early to prevent them getting worse.

By golly it worked. I've improved so much since then. If BLF can help promote early inclusion on PR it will save the nhs so much in the future.

Peege (asthma)


Hello kevinrobinson, I read the link and that sounds ideal for mild COPD patients or as a continuing way to keep healthy as possible. In Coventry they started a life lung course for those not on pulmonary rehab or refused PR. I went on this course but it flared up my arthritis and I was advised the exercise was the wrong sort in respect of weak joints, I found the exercises far too demanding on my body and tests showed at the end of the course that my lung capacity was the same, although i felt better breathing wise. But this new approach in Wales sounds like a happy medium to keep you out of hospital and allow contact with others with the same illness. I agree it ought to be piloted nationally could be the answer to slowing down the deterioration process if nothing else . Thanks for sharing the link with us.


I don,t understand why more gym places are not made available.I,ve been waiting all winter.I can go walking in the good weather but not in the cold and wet.So I deteriorate in the winter when I need,nt.I do my weights but my flat is so small swinging even a mouse is out of the question.I was refused long term gym because my heart rate is too high,how flaming stupid is that?AAAARRRRGGGHHH!!! :x


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