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O Woe Is Me...Or...Having A Peculiar Mother!!

The tree went up on Christmas Eve...then Mother had it down again the day after St Stephens...she wasn't one for tradition wasn't Mother...

Our presents were on the table beside our porridge bowls...small neat heaps that I looked at longingly hoping to see one which seemed to be a book...but we needed to wait for Father coming in from milking before we could open them...

There'd be a jigsaw each...a book each...a packet of colouring pencils and colouring book and something to wear, one year I had a new nightdress and my brother pyjamas. I was so cross because my brothers pyjamas were shop bought and Mother had made my nightie...not that I'd ever have dared to say anything...might have kicked his ankles under the table though it was his fault...

I never received Birthdays cards nor Birthday presents and Mother had fallen out with all the relatives, so if they had sent anything we'd not have heard about it...she'd wait until we were sitting down for dinner and then though for the first time ever...that the Christmas I was born was the most miserable she and Father had ever had...she, because she was birthing me and Father, because he had to have two boiled eggs for the dinner...

Then we'd eat roasted chicken and all the trimmings.

Father went outside to feed the animals and do the evenings milking...Mother put her feet up in the sitting room and my brother and would retreat to our bedrooms to read our new books...

Tea time was incredibly rich and heavy cake...trifle...and bread and butter.

Then we went to bed.

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Do hope you have made up for it now with lots of good Christmas's since

Love too you for Christmas


Hi Vashti, is it your birthday tomorrow then?

oh vashti what a life - have a brilliant birthday and a great xmas :) xxx

How awful for you Vashti, I can't imagine how hurt and guilty you must have felt, being told that every year. They sound like they were very unhappy people and they took it out on their children. I too, hope you made up for it when you left home.

Merry Xmas Vashti. xx

Another great one Vashti! Love Sheila Xx

Happy ChristmAs Vashti. Well if nothing else your parents raised a wonderful, caring,thoughtful and extremely well read daughter. Sad that they behaved as they did,we don't always understand what makes people cruel. Please keep well and safe in 2015. Bulpit

A story for every occasion Vashti. Great stuff.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a happy and HEALTHY new year.

Lotsa luv

Nikki XXX

Merry Christmas Vashita and If I'm right, wishing you a very Happy Birthday hope you have a realy nice day

and many of them Pegxx

Ah me. memories! You had more prezzies than me and my brothers but relatives always came round and we had a wonderful time, singing carols and popular songs round the Joanna, no lights on the tree (a branch from a larger one really) but a few candles and all the grown ups watching in case it all caught fire! home made decorations from milk bottle tops and paper chains everywhere!

Lots of home made eats, games like charades and everyone did a 'turn' I think some of the uncles songs were a bit naughty but as I didn't understand them it was all laughter. Uncles, cousins and aunts sleeping everywhere - even in the bath! Wonderful memories.

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