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efficiency in communication 2014

Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone that replied to me yesterday ad gave me advise. This is an update on what happened.

Following your advise, I called my local County Council. "Oh no, they said, nothing to do with us, you need Benefits office."

Call Benefits office. "We don't do anything like that, they say, have you tried Age concern?"

Call Age concern. "No sorry, we can't help with that, have a word with your local council."

Call Local County Council- again and tell them what's happened. "I'll put you through to housing" says the lady on the reception.

"Not something we can help with, sorry." Says housing. Try the District Council.

Call the District Council. " You need to call the Job centre, they say. There's a scheme called a "Community Care Grant" that can help with things like this, and you don't have to repay it!"

Great, I thought? Go on line and find the Job centre number - call them - then it begins!!!!

"If you want to claim Jobseekers allowance - press 1. If your calling about a claim you've made but not heard - press 2. If you're calling for a job reference number - press 3. If your calling about an interview - press 4. If you're calling about opening hours - press 5. For all other enquiries please press 6 or hold the line to speak to an advisor.

So you hold the line listening to some rap c*** music, for what feels like hours, then at last get to speak to a "human." Who then proceeds to tell you that the scheme was axed in March 2013!. "But you could try the Citizens Advise Bureau, they have something called "Local Assistance Network" which helps sometimes. I'll give you the number."

Call the number given - wrong number, dead line.

Back to the computer to find alternative CAB number. They all turn out to be staring with 044 which costs an arm and a leg to call - so no thank you! Go back on line to find an alternative to 044 numbers. None directly in my area, but a couple within the County, call one of those.

A slightly breathless woman answers saying "Sorry I'm so busy right now, can I call you back?"

Needless to say, I'm still waiting a day later.

So there you are. The world communication service today. What happened to the time when you dialled a number and was put through to whoever you wanted. I object strongly to speaking to robots and having to listen to endless drivel about "Did you know you can do this on line at www. etc .etc. etc." YES! OF COURSE I B***** KNEW, BUT THERE'S NO ANSWERS ON THERE AND IT SAYS TO CALL YOU !*@~#@+

Feel better now I've let off steam! lol.

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called passing the buck

hahaha so frustrating...the world s going mad!!!

just a thought - have you tried your local church.

Grrrrrrr! I'm having the same kind of problems with bt...the doctors surgery...here's one just for you! ;) huff xxxx

Lol HP very good. thanx X

Oh, do I know how y ou feel! Because I was scammed the other day the police told me to ask the ank to keep a check on my account for a few days. Ha ha ha ha - I tried Barclay's internet helpline, lots and lots of messages but no reply.(it was Saturday evening) Tried Barclays telephone helpline...loads of recorded messages but no reply. After literally half an hour of trying different things I was at screaming pitch and gave up. Was going to ring the bank branch Monday, but decided it was too late anyway - any damage would have been done. Luckily things seem OK - hey ho! :x :)

I've not come across 044 numbers but on principle won't phone 0870 or 0844 numbers - and won't deal with any company who only use these numbers.

Have you checked saynoto0870.com ? It's excellent for finding alternative numbers - sometimes even 0800 freebies!

Don't be beaten!! :)

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044 is the international number used for dialing the UK for abroad.

Thanks out-for-lunch! I wasn't sure there was an 0 in front of the 44 so didn't think it was the UK code. Also, using the international code doesn't cost UK residents anything - it's like adding your area code to make a local call - unnecessary on a landline. :)

Hi Nikkers, Oh how I agree with you. In years to come we will all have push button finger disease from pressing buttons to speak to a computer auto reply or write to a auto email site. No one is trained to answer your question even if your lucky enough to speak to a person, saying is "the computer say's" Hope things turn out for you and you get a reply eventually.

The worst ones are those companies who tell you "Your call is really important to us" and then proceed to ignore you for eons.

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It does cost an arm and a leg to call any government building it used to cost me a fortune when I was ringing them

Sorry for any confusion I caused with my "communication" post. I meant 0844 telephone numbers! They have taken over a lot of what were previously 0845 numbers and cost a fortune to call. I get free calls to nearly every country and mobiles, so no worries, but 0844 are a definite no go. Yes, 044 is the dialling code for this country band costs nothing - but put an 8 in there and you're in trouble. Look up the site "Say no to 0844" and they will give you an alternative for the one you want.

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