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Worried about my health

Last night I was just falling asleep when I woke up because I felt like I couldn't breathe I sat up in bed immediately, i was really tired and don't rememover exactly how I felt but it was like my throat was closed up or somthing. I also feel like I'm gonna stop breathing during the day but the doctor says my lungs sound fine, just don't know what to think. Any one else?

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Could be the position you sleep in? I have problems if I sleep on my left side, feels like I having a full blown flare up.

Fine on my back or right side.


Hi just to let you know there are a couple of anxiety sites under Health Unlocked. Anxiety, and living with anxiety.

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Could be sleep apnoea? I get these but it is not Anxiety for me?

Be Well


I was wondering about that Offcut. Also reflux can cause the throat to clam up which is something i experience.

MrAnxious, sounds like you need a longer chat with your doctor, maybe take someone with you. Don't be fobbed off. Also do call the BLF helpline for advice, they are brilliant - click on red balloon top right hand side of this page for phone number.


My husband can get this depends which position he is sleeping in and how well he is. I also wonder if it could be sleep apnea which also causes these symptoms and apparently many COPD sufferers also suffer with sleep apnea. Ask the doctor - again! TAD xx


I am waiting for another SA test as the last one failed. I do not get it every day but it seems to come in waves so just catching it on the right day. I am a reflux sufferer too.


I use a frame and if the position is not right, my throat "closes up". However, you might have sleep apnoea, which is exactly what you describe. Phone the BLF helpline for a nurse to explain this and give you some help. Telephone

03000 030 555


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