HealthUnlocked 74% Visitors From Uk Usa + Aus & Others

HealthUnlocked 74% Visitors From Uk Usa + Aus & Others

Its very intresting looking at dermagrathics the few fellas on here i applaud them as thay are taking active role in there health concerns and seeking out help support.

Unlike majority that would like to suffer in silance .. or they just dont know.

By far the women ladies girls are well on the ball or top of there game when it come's to keeping there health in check ... thus must be well informand and yep i applaud them too as yep clearly there not like fellas.

On personal note yep multi tasking is defo not my strong point ... so would have to agree with last.

But for life of me cant understand what : Cinnamon as to do with health condition .. What is cinnamon IS it the stuff in xmas mince pies HONEY a get but cinnamon

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  • Men are Ostriches...Running along through life, seeing nothing and just having a damn good time running with the rest of the and again they come across an Ostrich with it's head stuck in the sand and veer around it...often sniggering as they whizz by........

    ....Soon enough they're the Ostrich with their head in their own pile of 's...and' all because they had a pain somewhere when they were running, ignored it and now think it'll go away if they stay in the dark where they can't see it!!! For all it's worth, personal experience has shown me that British men really are the worst Ostriches of them all.

    We women on the other hand....NO it's OK I'm not about to start a Gender war!! ;-)

    I'd rather a man sit down and weep oceans, than stand up and fight back the tide. It's society to blame for this misconception that men must be STRONG and smile through the pain of it all! That going to the Doctor with anything other than a thumb hit by a hammer is a bit sissy of them (Sissy means "girly-soft" in northern England).

    To the men who come on here I say "Well Done You" it takes a big man to admit that he's feeling cr@p and that his body hurts. My advice to them is; please teach your Son's and your Grandson's that it's OK not to run with the Flock and that a face full of sand doesn't make it all go away!

    Women are good at managing their families health, so it goes that they manage their own very well too, and will seek help before the crisis, rather than after. The World Health Organization notes that as of 2010 that women in Europe can expect to live for an average of 80 years, while men reach an average of 72.5 years!!

    Cinnamon, it's very good in bottled Pears!! ;-)

  • Hi Bajer cheers defo agree with everthing you have said yep quite true ... myself i never follow crowds AM bit of a spanner that way.

    great comment feedback :)

    Still dont know what cinnimon is tho .. well apart from what u said its good with

    Cheers thanks

  • Cinnamon was the first thing I ever smoked.We called them smoking canes and could buy them in the sweet shop.No nicotine of course just the burning sensation at the back of the throat.It was that that I got addicted to and went on to smoke anything and everything.I now only like it powdered on my poodin(custard) lol. And I don,t smoke anymore.D. :D

  • I went to my GP in my late 20's to ask about my irregular heart beats to be told do not worry about it we all get palpitations! So I lived with it in my early 30's I was admitted to hospital with double pneumonia but when they were checking me out they told me that they were admitting me because of my irregular heart rate! When I told them I knew about it for many years and told not to worry they just rolled their eyes. I moved doctors and they were great and diagnosed asthma as well and dealt with that as a separate issues and I had rescue meds at hand. When I moved house my new practice did not do rescue meds and seemed to concentrate on my heart problems to the degree that they blamed most of my breathing problems were because of my heart. Even after lung failure in 2008 they would not test me further and it was not until my cardiologist sent his concerns to my doctor about my breathing when flat and me finding I had worked with asbestos for over 10 years did I get a spiro and then a consultant and a full lung function test as hospital to confirm RLD!

    I seems to have picked GP's that are the ostrich?

    Be Well

  • Offcut,

    Boy have you been in with the flock!!! I do wonder just how much malpractice there was in the past. How many GP's/Specialists made arrogantly misinformed mistakes and actually killed people because of it. We'd never heard of litigation back then, if you try for it now, they somehow can't find the records!!

    I was quite astounded when a new GP, sat back and said to me "As you're the specialist concerning your condition and best treatment, I'll listen to what you have to say and see if I can help you, so go ahead" I confess, I looked around the examination room to see who he was talking to. Then when I realised it was ME... thought BINGO I've finally got a good one here. ...No you're right I hadn't! It all went terribly wrong!!!

    It wouldn't be so bad if they'd just listen to what we the patients are saying to them! What they forget is that it's us who can't breath, us who know what treatment went before, us who can 'tell' them what's happening inside our bodies.... if only they'd listen. These days I stay silent until they turn from their screen to see why I'm not speaking, then look at me for an explanation! I usually ask, if they're ready to give me their full attention..that usually works..makes them turn a lovely shade of sunset red too!!

    Also they've started with "So what would you like me to do to make you more comfortable?"

    ... my reply "So tell me, just why am I paying your salary?"

    Stay safe my friend

  • I was told by what was then our "family doctor" that my mother was a hypochondriac(she was).This of course made me worry I might be the same.I then self medicated with alcohol and various other "social" drugs.So in some senses medical ignorance had a lot to do with it .We men are not total idiots just a bit daft sometimes,lol.D. :D

  • Is that just the top 5 countries? I ask because my own little COPD blog has a readership (in order of visitor numbers) from: UK, United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, France, German, Turkey, Russia, South Africa. Mostly English speaking countries of course, though I do have a 'translate' gadget for any foriegn language speakers to use - which I think was a good move.

  • OOPS! Missed a few - New Zealand, Belgium and India.

  • Hi parvati cheers thanks same as healthunlocked then

    Ya blog readership

  • I was just showing off really Daz - ;)

  • Morning mrs :) and Daz

  • That was amazing info, Daz. I thought BLF, by the fact it had British in its title wouldn't attract so many foreign visitors but then it belongs to HU. It makes me wonder the equivalent in other countries??? Cinnamon, an aromatic spice !!

  • Hi pergola1 cheers yer am not really surprised av none usa is big player contributor for some time.

    All makes for intresting reading .. like they say problem shared is problem


    O i now what aromatic is .. like thay say about oysters is that aromatic :P

    Cheers thanks

  • Excellent info thanks Dazisnotsogood. Yes cinnamon is a spice which is actually the bark of guess what, the cinnamon tree. Comes in cigar shaped rolls about 3 or 4 inches long or as powder. Cinnamon bread is very yummy. Lots of herbs are excellent for health turmeric for example has been proved to prevent cancer. But beware some "innocent " herbal remedies sold in health shops. I bought some lycene (lycopene) tablets for my husband who has arterial disease (plus massive heart problems). I did check side effects and contra indications and all seemed fine. He is on warfarin. His INR started to go up and up but nobody put two and two together till his blood clotting was so poor they were about to send him into hospital for vitamin K injections. I then did some more intensive googling and discovered lycopene was to blame! I felt so bad .... In short herbs and spices can be Powerfully helpful and powerfully dangerous! I think I might just stick to cinnamon in Christmas cakes for the mo ....

  • Cheers Cherries6 sorry about your fella ... yer i was watching enbarasing bodies and even Dr who responded to one of my postwas talking about buying any drugs of any sort of the internet when i was talking about viagra.

    Yer do have to use reputal sources .. but like you say even doing what you think is right can be wrong

    But yer a would run stuff past your doctor before getting any supplements

    Cheers thanks .. for heads up on cinnamon

  • I am an expat, probably others are too, when in difficult times you turn to what you know best, and to be honest this site is far superior to anything we have here in Oz

  • Hi Daz, Just thought i would add my l twopenuth I am 1 of the 0.1% in Thailand the LoS. Have a nice day. Cheers Dave.

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