COPD, Obstructed & central sleep apnea, Type 1 & 2 diabetes, PAD, MS, ED, etc - What is the status on cures

I always read about new drugs that are way better than last years medication only 10 fold the price. How do we push for cures and find out who is working on some. To some degree this site is world wide and yet none of us hear a thing on cures. Yes, its heredity, and life styles but if we had a cure than heredity and life styles wouldn't be the head of the list and I wouldn't be made to feel it is all my fault. How do we band together to push for cures?

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Hi dwitt

I am so sorry to read that you are struggling in this way and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues. I had an appointment at my local Thoracic department last Monday, and I was prescribed Prednisolone 10 mg daily for my asthma and my COPD, she also said that I have a fixed airway which could be expected after a lifetime of asthma. I was also given Osteoporosis medication because of the long term use of steroids and an appointment for a DEXA scan.

I do not think that there is currently any cures for anything of this nature, sadly. However with the right medication I believe that we can hope to manage our illnesses and live a fairly usual and happy life?

I sincerely hope that you find the answers that you are looking for, and get the results that you so desire and deserve.

All my hopes and dreams for you


I don't have all the illnesses I mentioned. I have some, but I read a lot of medical literature and I always here of new drugs to make living easier with these ailments - I rarely hear of any testing or new insights to a disease that cures are seriously being address. It seems self serving not to find cures unlike Polio and that was nearly seventy years ago. It takes research and I felt that this format had voices in many corners of the world and we should unite and push for research cures for many diseases whether because of a bug or some DNA configuration.

I agree with you I have lupus fibro asthma copd osteoporosis the list goes on. All chronic conditions with no cure

I agree with you I have lupus fibro asthma copd osteoporosis the list goes on. All chronic conditions with no cure

If everyone in the western world donated a £ to research then we could be closer to many cures.

The BLF do their best towards research for copd and lung issues

I wonder what percentage is used for Research on cures. Upon receipt of a reply to my e-mail to them I'll advise this site. I wrote E:

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