today I am back on line . having been ill with a virus . my owner tobydoo must off downloaded some thing a bit dodgy off one of the many sites he looks at . I have lost all my emails and pictures any body sent me for past week . what a nice job the man did repairing me I feel like new. all clean ready for anything . good luck and keep on breathing from tobydoos computer .

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  • Oh I must say you do look gorgeous now. Clean in body and soul. Don't let that naughty tobydoo corrupt you again. Love Suzy's laptop xx

  • Greetings from Dozy's laptop or is it her tablet maybe her phone. Well glad you are all better and ready to dance on line. Love from the three of us x D :)

  • Oh dear you had better slap that naughty human :) x

  • Easily done!! Xx

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