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BB success!

Just got letter and my appeal for blue badge was cleared woohoo!I think they auto refuse first time and require doctors letter.So now I,ll park lots of places I should,nt and appeal the tickets lol(not really)To be honest not sure if it will help much but I should get a freedom pass for the bus.I live in a very hilly place and can walk down hill to the shops but can,t get back up the hill,cost £2 just to go the one stop.So I,ll be able to go for my paper now yippee!

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Pleased for you FarmerD...i'm sure it will make things a little easier for you :)


This is great news farmer and well deserved x

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Well done Farmer really pleased for you shows you can't just accept their first decision, If you feel you have genuine concerns fight for them ..Happy Motoring


Well done ! Enjoy your increased freedom in getting about.


It is a great feeling when you park legally on a yellow line for a traffic warden to tell you to move on and you show them the badge with your picture on it.

I was parked on a street meter bay in Manchester to be met on my return with a warden writing out a ticket for my car. I asked him why he is issuing the ticket? For him to almost gleefully pointing to the EXPIRED red flag on the meter. I asked him to come to the front of my car were my badge and time were displayed. Asking "why are you issuing me a ticket? " For him to say "I have started writing it now!" Once I asked for his number and requested that he takes a photo of the car and displayed badges he wrote across it "Invalid issue" and walked away. One of the shopkeepers close by was watching this and patted me on the back with a "well done about time someone got one on him"

Sorry to say this but it was a good feeling :)

Be Well


Pleased for you too Farmer, it must be such a relief for you. xx


Well done farmer like I said I think we would not have a problem with blue badges and benefits if people were aware of lung conditions I think it is time DWP and blue badge people should get some training.


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