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Sleep! How much do you get?


On a typical 24-hour cycle I get about 7 hours sleep at night (although I have to get up between two and three times to have a leak - this has become automatic although I do have the occasional dream that spurs me along LOL). During the day - after lunch I usually go to bed for an hour and in the evening I usually have a nap in front of the television unless the programmes are especially riveting which keeps me awake. So this has become the norm for me, how about you?

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Pretty much the same,except for the shut eye,in the evening,if I do that,I then have trouble getting to sleep! Also I don't have those dreams!!!

Hope you're getting on ok,Cheers Wendells xx

Oh I wish up and down all night exhausted from time I wake up till I go bed same old but still standing haha haha

Yep sounds familiar .broken sleep with trips to the loo & just for no reason at all ,wide awake from around 5am

Still when the sun shines -I can sit outside & nap during the day ...Stay well all

Martin -Look at the times of the replies !!! That paints a picture in its self !!.... I Normally get 5-6 hours at night & cat naps during the day got up at 5:30 am this morning.... I would like to know which TV channel your watching to see 'RIVETING ' programmes? is it about the the steel industry showing riveting techniques??? LOL -Breath Easy, Plumbob

Sounds like me every night and day the same. Even got to the point I don't go out in the day as I get to tired. Wonder if there is anything you can do?

Without wanting to sound funny but im glad it's not just me lol.I average about 5hrs a night, go out during the day by 6pm im going upstairs to watch tv and unwind as im knackered!!!! Take it easy and simple and take care of yourself Aidi

im lucky to get 6 hours a night and that gets broken up most night ,im often up at least 3 times an hour to see to my son,im worn out

Depends on whether I'm on full steroids or not. Lately I'm on 3 a day and sleep well. When I'm on six a day I get about 5 hours with umpteen trips to the loo. I also sleep a lot more if I have an infection.

I sleep about 5 hours at night with at least one trip to the toilet. depending on what I am doing i have a nap after lunch and a little "resting of my eyes" after my evening meal. I feel the need to rest after I eat these days so I dont have breakfast. I dont know if it is my age (70) or my emphysema. Oh for the carefree days of youth

sounds about right. I also get around 7 hours unless it's a bad night for coughing and also need to get up for leaks. Sometimes I go to bed can't sleep and so get up and watch tv all night. I have naps during the day aswell unless I get a good day.

Pete gets up anything from 2-5 times per night to pee and sleeps fairly fitfully sometimes. He has been getting up around 5am and then falling asleep in the chair at 8am. He sleeps as and when he likes if we are home but has to keep going if we are away or visiting friends for the day. Pete does seem tired most of the time and he seems used to that being his way of life. Take care and stay well. xxxx

I wake up 5 or 6 times a night biggest gap has been 2 hours. I have many times that I will wake gasping for breath. I can just drop off on the settee watching TV even if it is something I really wanted to watch but that can be broken with the gasping for breath depending how flat I am once I drop off.

I was lucky after ICU in 2008 if I slept for 3 hours max but once I was awake I had to get out of bed and I had that for 18 months. I have been given sleeping pills but have to be very sparing with them as they are very addictive and have nasty side affects. If I do take one I will get 4 hours sleep unless the gasping wakes me. I rarely have to get up to pop to the loo.

Never seem to sleep moire than a couple of hours at a time. Go to bed exhausted, fall asleep immediately and wide awake after a couple of hours max, then for 3 or 4 hours watching tv or reading. Then if I sleep late in morning feel awful all day, Fed up of it! x

Colours23 in reply to libby7827

That reminds me of how I'm affected,sometimes I'm really fed up,I feel ok ,so I wonder if it's to do with change,as let's face it ,copd turns your life upside down ,lol, getting used to how things are now is difficult ,anyway,keep going ....

My sleep varies quite a bit. I am always up to the loo a couple of times and have a night of coughing at least 2x weekly even when don't have infection; i would like to sleep in the day but it rarely happens due to family so do find myself dozing in the evening even if TV is something i want to watch - so annoying!! so i guess i average 6hrs a night and always wake as tired as i was when i went to bed - due to other health issues as well chest xx

I'm in bed by ten p.m. and take two Paroxetine antidepressant's which help me sleep as well, usually have to get out of bed three or four times for a wee, try not to sleep through day though!

There is a reason I am called Dozy. Unless I am actually doing something, I am asleep! I can sleep for Britain. All night, no loo breaks. Lay ins in the morning and afternoon naps in the chair. Vacuum the lounge, sleep for 2 hours. Prepare lunch, after lunch nap. Same for any task, figure I just needed to regenerate any energy expended. Still don't have a particularly busy schedule these days. :) -D x

Like most of you I get my six or seven hours sleep each night but get awakened around two am for a simple bathroom visit.

There was time not so long ago when I would have turned over telling myself and that I could hang out until morning, but I couldn't help wondering, "What if?"

.....And not wanting to take a chance got out of bed and had my tinkle.

Now it has become a nightly thing, just like the afternoon nap, I just can't do without it. I have become a victim of habit.The same way that I used to enjoy that cigarette after a good lunch.

Just plain habit, and the older I get the more habits I seem to develop.


Now I need a new habit to help cure me of all the bad habits that I already have.

My story is much the same, average of five to six hours on a good night. Several visits to loo even when taking tablets to control the bladder. Unless I am on the computer I usually fall asleep in front of the TV and often find the need to nap in the day due to sheer exhaustion, so Martin 1945 as you see your sleep pattern is much the same for us all I wonder if it's the illness or the drugs as we all take similar type drugs.


I go to bed around 9pm, but rarely drop to sleep before midnight! If I do, I wake up at midnight, then again at about 2, always have problems dropping off after. Get up at 5am. Usually have a 30 minute nap before lunch - and if I'm lucky another one after lunch ;-) cutting out those naps doesn't make me drop to sleep quicker when I go to bed, so really need them.

I go to bed tired wake up tired but I also suffer from back pain so I cat nap all night but I think this is a problem associated with lung problems.

For all of you who get up in the night to use the loo your GP can give you a tablet that relaxes the bladder worth talking to him about it.

I Martin, me 1949! (if that number is your date of birth). Mu nurse told me to drink. So I do and so I pee, all day and all night! Last night it was almost every hour. Then at 4 am, I was parched, throat dry, so what did I do? I got up and made some (decaffeinated) Rooibos tea and read a bit! Of course, when it gets near 7 am, I want to sleep lots. But I can’t because my nurse comes early!

So I have to dash for a wash ( I don't want to be smelly in front of my attentive nurse!), get out of breath, have breakfast, and there she comes, with her antibiotic bottle. The first questions she asks, have you peed and pooed! I mean, don’t you say good morning, or something!!!

After lunch, I feel I must sleep, cannot keep my eyes open.

I come here to reply to a few posts and I am tired again!

Ah well! For a good night sleep to you all! Mike.


I go to bed at 11pm,4 nights out of 7,i,m away right away,other 3 nights no, I lie awake even though I,m tired I cant get to sleep,i don't dream just have thoughts,and I work ,sometime I have fell asleep at the computer,i,m stage 2 ,I exercise a lot to,i could do with having an alarm on the computer to wake me up,my niece as woke me a few times when shes come in,then shes gone up,and I,m wide awake,xxx

Seems peeing three times a night or so might have something to do with copd. lol. I don't usually sleep during the day. Being a night owl it is 1am bed for me. No use going earlier. I would not sleep. Usually as soon as my head hits the pillow. Out i go. Then awake anytime between 7.30 and 8 although I would have got up to visit the bathroom a few times. We are all different though. What is ok for one is different for another. So as long as you feel fine. Nothing to worry about..

Well between my Pulmonary Fibrosis and my RA, I am in the same boat as everybody else. Just printed all your comments out as I am sure my Hubby thinks I am putting it on. I too have to get up usually twice in the night for a bathroom break and after the second one I cannot get back to sleep so I make a coffee and get out my book and lie in the peace and quiet until my Hubby gets up and makes a second cup. By that time I am ready for a doze and get up about 10ish. I do not sleep through the day but am never ready to sleep much before midnight. I think it must be the tablets we are on although my RA pain sometimes wakes me up. Well if any of you are up and reading this, I hope you all manage to sleep tonight. Cheryl

Check out sleep apnoea guys I have COPD thanks to moderate emphasema probably self inflicted by years of smoking (havent had a ciggie for 3 1/2 years now) but also now suffer from complex sleep apnoea.

My sleep pattern is the same as seems like everyone here but at times it's as though I'm living my life in 3-4 hour chunks with a couple of hours sleep then awake for a few and then really tired but cant sleep till I just "Zonk" but at the same time can drop of to sleep at the drop of a hat during the day even mid sentence at its worst and always with 2 or three naps during the day.

CPAP is helping but I have had to add humidifier or i should rather say was helping as back to sma e sleep pattern and the daytime naps are becoming full blown zonks again something I need to check with my respiratory doc when i see him this week.

My own thinking (guess) is that perhaps its time to think oxygen and have even started to look up things like concentrators or am I just being a bit pessimistic following a second pneumonia in about a year and getting rather down at not being able to get up and make a cuppa without struggling to breathe?

Sorry I rambling after yet another disturbed as in broken sleep as I too see 3 and 6 o'clock in the morning more often than i see the same times during the day if that makes sense. LOL

Just to add the resson for thinking oxygen is \I think the "naps" without CPAP helping me stay breathing could be leading to oxygen deprivation it sure feels like my brain needs something as i'm fed up with feeling fuzzy brained.



i have "mild" emphysema and im 45 and since the nearly 3 years i found out ive had non stop problems sleeping...

up all night at times then other nights i just cant seem to keep my eyes open and drift off around 8 or 9 pm !

its mad ive even had 300 mg of trazodone to help me sleep and that don't work either its getting to me now as when i do manage sleep i find my sleep with breathing problems as nose blocks and i also feel my myself jumping awake with a jolt as if im falling off the edge of a cliff....strange as it sounds.

im on my inhalers all 3 of them and no steroids as clear of infections so far this year..

id like to hear back if anyone has the same problems as my self

many thanks.

Sleeping really is a problem, i had been having lots of bad nights sleep iwas sat at the kitchen table reading my daily mail and i fell asleepand fell of my chair onto the floor breaking two ribs and my collar bone, spent two weeks in hospital and still feeling the occasional twinge . Had thought of suing the mail for boring me to sleep, but realised they could afford better lawyers than me,

Yea I was drinking a cup of coffee ,full up,just fell asleep upright ...dropped the coffee and woke up rather burnt and wet...shock , could be sleep apnoea.brought on by an inhalor I was on!i saw it on the news.i stopped it.

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