Just powered walked 10Ks not outta of breath ...what's going on an no meds ?...

I'm going for spirometry text on Monday ...copd confirmed ct

Anyone willing to take a guess on what my fev level will be?the suspense an anxiety is killing me ....can anyone tell me where I can go for bode test as I feel this maybe better than a fev reading as I just feel with my fitness level it will give a more accurate read ...does anyone agree with me on this point ...coz I'm clueless ...

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Um that would be a good result given my mental state is pretty down with all this ...

Yeah a bitta harmless guessing never hurt anyone cheers stitch ...

keep up the exercise jettace will be good for your mantal state and make you feel so much better and its good that you can do it has well.i have test in april just want to see if i have inproved a bit

good luck

Thanks Music ...how's your copd? Are you moderate ?....do u also walk a lot? How's your breathing?..best of luck for April..

Hi Jettace, FEV1 is one part of the BODE index which also includes the 6 minute walk test (6MWT), your BMI which you could work out yourself, and there's a breathlessness scale. BODE is used to work out our life expectancy more accurately than FEV1 alone .

You get an overall score indicating this. Ask your GP or resp nurse about getting BODE, or call BLF - click top right hand corner red balloon for contact number.

Apologies if you know all this already, but maybe others won't. All best wishes.

Thanks O2 trees I'm actually in Australia...well at the moment I'm in Japan with work ..but I live in Au ...thanks so much for the info an to take the time to give my lungs some advice ...hugs xx

Im glad you're well enough to be working Jettace. Good luck with the FEV1 :)

No excuse for that Stitch. Take in a print-out, there's loads on the net about it.

Wow, another thing learnt here O2Trees, ace, thank you :)

I don't won't to get too cocky here pigletto..I know how the mighty can fall but will continue on to punish these dirty lungs with exercise ...

Yeah I agree stitch see below what I wrote...cheers

yes stitch i think this has well

Jet I thought before that you most probably only are at the mild stage of COPD....your aim is to stay there as long as you can, which I feel sure you will. I can sense your worry and do understand it

At least you have stopped smoking and sound like you are pretty fit, I hope you results are good

I feel they will be

Love Sohara

Thanks Sohara ....hugs xx

I will be seeing same GP from initial diagnosis ...He was loathe to give me anything then an my condition seems better than it was I.e persistent cough ...my diagnosis was marginal paraseptal emphysema with bullae right apex an also showing left lower lobe with some there too ..I have no idea why he didn't prescribe anything and hasn't was a small relief thinking maybe it's not so bad ...I didn't say anything coz when I left I was just relieved it wasn't lung cancer ...go figure it's as clear as mud...

Hi there Jettace wow good on you,sounds like your doing the best for your little ole lungs exercise exercise! You sound very upbeat which is great to hear.Positive attitude helps in all things making everything better.Sounds like you fev1 thingy will be high goodgame eh.Im not a fan of the numbers myself,never knew them for 20yrs cos everyone here was talking about them thought I should know to,my mistake praps thats because im at a latter stage now had I have known when i was mild might be different.You sound like your doing brilliantly Jettace keep it up. Whats Japan like you jet setter haha.Hope your appt goes well when back in Aus.Keep in touch let us know we wanna know your fev1 is? :) Janexx

Thanks jane ...I'm doing my best I've been been up an down like a yoyo...Japan is freezing an been snowing I'm going to try to keep working as long as I physically can at the moment it's has no effect it's the unknown with this disease is the worry for me when this damn thing will kick in an progress hopefully not for a few more years yet ..thanks for again for your reply ...hugs Wes xx

Hi Wes brrr in Japan is no good iget the feeling its buzzing in Japan a hive of business and networking?Do you smoke if so that will make such a difference to your future outlook do try and stop.I think had i have stopped on my first diagnosis it was still at a stage to be able to reverse,I would not have been looking for a site like this now i would be out there continuing my adventures more than i would consider now,I would be able to pick my grandchildren up and play and so the list could continue. So Wes try not to worry how you might end up to much .Instead think how best you can live today with a more healthy lifestyle and live every second well! Im sure your do very well,I do understand your concerns but worry as you reach those bridges to cross your not there yet . :) Janexx

Hi jane ...really appreciate the time given to me to reply to my posts u have a fab soul by the sound of replies..I quit cold turkey on day of diagnosis I was on my way before that anyway ...I have 2 kids one is 3 an other is 5 an lovely caring wife they are my main concern an will I still be active to participate in there lives ... I was beginning to really hate smoking an to be honest I know I will never have another,wish I had that attitude before it come to this ...I'm in a little country town outside of Tokyo not so exciting just for 2 days I work for Qantas as a flight attendant minus the attitude lol....anyway going for me morning walk gotta keep moving with this copd thingy ...hugs Wes xx

I will say nothing about your job lol I have a couple of friends who did that eons ago now they had a ball if i remember correctly.You've still to get your head round this Wes give yourself a little bit of time your get there,and I really do predict an excellent future for you and lovely young family you have yars and yars to go lol.When I had a heart attack 10 yrs agofor the next 6mths every little pain somewhere near my chest i thought i was gonna drop down dead tis normal we have to adjust..Keep on moving and grooving enjoy Wes. :) Janexx

Your an inspiration Jane along with many others here ...I needed a lift last few days was starting go on a downward spiral ...But all the positive vibes have given me such a huge lift to make me think it ain't as bad I think it is ....by the way Jane love the scooter very quadrophenia...U mod u lol..Wes

Hi there Wes. Haha I know get me eh their all the rage these days you know lol!

I'm really glad your feeling more upbeat about things.Keep going forward Wes positivity is the name of the game.

:) Janexx

Hello Wes, I was diagnosed 17 years ago and I am now 71 going on 50, and worked until I was 67, I stopped smoking when I was diagnosed and stayed at mild until I retired, unfortunately then I had an exacerbation which put me in hospital and I came out on oxygen and very severe stage 4. So just keep up the exercise and out of the way of infections etc, eat healthily and just carry on as usual. You have COPD it does not have you. Keep smiling

Carole x

Carole thank you so much for your inspiring post ...that's great you could work till that age I'm hoping for same result fingers crossed ...I remain committed to eating healthy and active an a life without smoking ...thanks again Carole will keep in touch ...hugs Wes xx

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