Initially spurred on by Tony's amazing achievements in the fitness stakes, I very quickly came to the conclusion that for me, a treadmill would be the best investment for my continued health and well being.

It duly arrived on Tuesday in a huge box weighing 56 kilos. At the moment even lifting or shifting 2 kilos leaves me gasping so I had to wait for some kind muscle bound person to help me get it up and running.

He arrived in the shape of the landlord's odd job guy and assembled it for me in fifteen minutes flat. It only required ten screws but the weight was the biggest hindrance. Within three minutes of it being assembled and re-homed in it's new space the photo above was the result :)

I did manage to do fifteen minutes on it at a very slow speed due to my awful recent deconditioning and within a minute of switching it off, the black and white fluff bag resumed his position. As far as he is concerned, it's his and paws off!

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  • Hi scrobbitty, Well done you as you say just slow to start with and increase it to suit yourself or how you are feeling at the time, another 2 or 3 treadmills and we can compare our speeds and times tell your cat to move or you will get a dog, Matt

  • Hahahaha I did threaten him but he knew it was an empty one - I struggle to get down the stairs twice a week, never mind four times a day to walk the dog.

    We definitely could do with a treadmill gang to compare techiques, etc. :)

  • Try to walk the dog on the treadmill too, they say that dogs need the exercises. I've seen it done!

  • Hi Scrobbitty love the pic. I'm also looking at getting a treadmill is yours a Manuel one? They are the ones I looked at but there's so many and prices are so varied. Help!!!

  • Hi Steph, thanks. It's an electric one - I chose it because to start with it's easier when you have no leg muscles and the tendency I suspect if I had a manual one that relies solely on leg power would be for it to gather dust and continue to be a cat lounger! Argos are having a sale of treadmills, as is Amazon. I compared about thirty of them and finally chose this one because of the ease of folding it up (it has a hydraulic pump and is so simple). I couldn't afford the really expensive ones but this one got great reviews. Good luck with your search. :)

  • Thanks Scrobbitty I'll have a look at the sales.

  • I`ve got a manual (magnetic) treadmill that I got from would you believe the bargain aisle at Nettos some time ago for £80. It works fine and as Scrobbity says it is harder work than an electric one, its on a slight incline but it does have a resistance dial so you can make it as easy or hard going as you want.

  • Thanks I won't need one soon I'm running around in circles that much. He! He! How long ago did you get that.

  • As you know, I go to the gym. They are all electric powered. I like this because indeed you can adjust to your ability. You will also see that you will be able to increase your speed and your incline (at least, I can do this). what encourages me at the gym (sorry about this) is that other people, burly or lovely girls, happily go at such a speed. After a while, I did try a little faster and got out of breath! It's all good fun and so useful.

  • I tried going to the gym but the car park is quite a step away from the entrance and then you have to double back on yourself to actually reach the gym bit, by which time you are totally poodled before you start! That's why I plumped for a home treadmill and because I recognised that I desperately needed to build up my muscles again LOL :)

  • Your best solution! Well done keep at it, it will prove invaluable.

  • Turn it on for the cat. :)

  • Hahahaha - when I finally managed to use it myself, the cat peered at me from his position on top of the chair cushion and if looks could kill............... :)

  • :)

  • Moaooow!

  • Oh I say!! Jolly good effort Scrobs, I,m sure it will do you the world of good, & I,m with Puff, looking at the size of Kevin a few miles would do him the world have good too :) & with luck he,l be too pooped to scratch you to bits anymore :P

    Karen xxxx

  • Poor lad is back on it now because I monopolised it for a whole ten minutes - bit foofled today so ten minutes was good LOL. I did put my hand down to his head and got swiped for my troubles - his new role is guard cat of the machine :D xxx

  • Keep up the good work Scrobbity.

  • Will do if I can turf the feline off it. :)

  • Scrobbs there are better ways of exercising

  • Chasing the cat is a start. Matt

  • Matt, I did try once to chase him and he nearly fell off the balcony. My heart rate went up rapidly on that ocassion :) I did also try weight lifting the cat because he had a mouse in his gob and I picked him up and shook the mouse free. My heart rate also went up rapidly but the mouse survived. The cat sulked for days. Result. :D x

  • Hahahaha cocksparra, tried other forms of exercise but to be honest 30 seconds doesn't quite cut the mustard ;)

  • Practice make perfect.:)

  • Well done Scrobbitty, keep up the good work. x Julie

  • Thanks Julie, by the start of next week, hope to be doing a full half an hour each session. One good thing about all this is that it has kick-started my appetite (much needed too!) : x

  • I'll be cheering you on from the sidelines, as much as I need the exercise I don't need to kick start my appetite - I'm nearly round since I stopped smoking lol x

  • Oh love you, more to love I say :) As my consultant kept telling me, they are far more concerned when you are mega skinny than when you have some weight on. Apparently when you exercise on an empty stomach it doesn't make you hungry - read that today on Aol news feed! :) x

  • Treadmill envy mine is manual !

  • Oh bless, but mine comes complete with revolting feline, swap for a manual one without? :D x

  • Swiped by a guard cat hmmm getting over my envy suddenly

  • Drat, thought I had a taker there for a minute !

  • Hi Scrobbity, I enjoyed reading your post :)

    Great picture also :D

    Do tell , is this an Everlast machine? What Model? Adjustable level, flat walking and incline? Speed control options? Looking forward to reading more when you have recovered your breath :) It looks just the job.

    Best wishes BC

  • The cat says he is now charging a fee for looking at his picture :D

    Yes, it is an Everlast, Model EV7000. It has a flat walking level and one incline level (you have to lift the end and rotate the stabiliser thingie). It's got 7 programmes which I haven't got to grips with yet, but will when the brain is working better! It is extremely heavy though but very easy to put together (only ten screws). I've decided to do ten minute sessions, at least twice daily for a week to get the blood flowing, the heart pumping and the legs used to walking again and if I can manage that successfully, will lengthen the sessions but do on alternative days (unless any of the other treadmill users have better suggestions ............ ) :)

  • Thanks Scrobbitty for the info :) Sounds like you have the right idea, and maybe so does the cat ;)

    Here's to a fitter, healthier and stronger you :)

  • Strange thing about treadmills, they also have built in cat magnets. Our Tigger & Tiger have both been found sleeping on ours if we leave it unfolded.

    I'm waiting for your Bruce Springsteen Born In the USA 6 minute walk video 'Scrobbitty style' to be released ASAP.

    I know what you mean about the weight, ours is staying where it is for a very long time but at least you feel secure on it.

    Something I've noticed is when I get off I feel unbalanced for a while so take care, have a glass of wine waiting, that'll soon put you right. :)

    I'm doing 30 mins at 2.5 MPH on 8 liters of oxy most day's then my daughter jumps on and does 30 mins at a running speed of 7.5 MPH, Sharon does 30 mins at 3.5 MPH with bursts of 4.5 MPH. I just Hate them :( Ha Ha.

    All of the set programs are way to difficult for me so I make it up as I go along sometimes and at least my Music taste is far superior than theirs. I'm just going to do 30 mins now even though I've already done a hour at fit to breath this morning so its time to Rock once again. Enjoy your new toy S

    Tony. xx

  • I hate your daughter and Sharon too on your behalf of course ;) I can add my son to the list too? And the cat.

    If you look carefully at the photo above, you will see a wine bottle on the floor by the mill - just for emergencies obviously (although my machine has two bottle holders for those in dire emergency!).

    I am too feeble at the moment to go at more than 1.5 but will work my way up gradually - on my instructions it says to keep to the bottom end of your target zone heart rate for the first few months and then gradually increase to the middle of the zone.

    Going through my music collection to do a treadmill tape ....... The Boss will be in there of course but will give the Macarena a miss I think :D xxx

  • Just done my 30 mins to Free & Bad Co, Good thing about this treadmill is it gives you time to go back through your CDs and listen to all the songs you tend to skip.

    Your right about starting slow and gradually increasing, that's the way to avoid injury and its easier that way too. :)

    I just try and make it fun and that way I should be able to keep it up.

    My heart rate gets up to around 110 bpm and stay's pretty steady until I stop and then returns into the 70s when crashed on the couch recovering. Seems like a few on the site have got treadmills so maybe we should start a treadmill hour once a week and compare our efforts and music tastes. :) The Macarena!! Ha Ha good move with that one.

    Tony xx

  • Damn fine suggestion there Tony - I think I may be at the back of the field to start off with but if you dangle a Fry's Chocolate Cream in front of me, I foresee a huge rapid improvement :D

    My heart rate got as high as 141 so I reduced my stride a bit and it leveled out at about 114 which according to my instruction booklet is about where it should be.

    Just sorting out my playlist now .......... and found some little treasures I had completely forgotten about - roll on tomorrow I say! :) xx

  • Fry's chocolate creams and some little treasures sounds like a good day coming up. Its important to have fun while exercising so you keep it up long term. If your a music lover it makes it so much easier doesn't it. I assume the Boss will be rocking your house tomorrow :)

    Tony x

  • Hi Scorbbitty about this treadmill malarkey I've seen one in Argos sale it's a pro fitness at £199 have you seen that one and if so what do you think about it.

  • I did see that one Steph and was quite tempted. From memory there were a few mixed reviews - some said it was noisy and others that it was quiet - possibly depends on where you are going to put it or if you are going to run on it. Am rolling on floor laughing at that thought :D

    I picked the Everlast one for its pneumatic folding up - not a single muscle left in my arms, I even have trouble opening bags of Minstrels and that is a disaster, quite frankly. xxx

  • Hi Scrobbitty when I get my treadmill it be my dog that lies on it chocolate wise either a bounty or crunchie and music not sure yet I'll see when I get itx

  • Slowly but surely, you will regain your condition. Well done! At the start, I could only do 10 minutes. Now I go to the gym on al the equipment and enjoy the stretching of my lungs!


  • Aww thanks - today I managed a full fifteen minutes on it at one go, the pulse rate went a bit higher but afterwards when the breathing went back to normal, I felt so much better. I even cooked a proper dinner this evening, something I haven't done for quite a while. Lovin' this treadmill already :)

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