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Take five, feet up, nice cuppa for ~~ADVENT 9 ~~The Christmas Fairies

..............The Christmas Fairies

Once upon a time, in the Christmas Tree Forest there lived the Christmas fairies. They spent most of their time practising sitting on top of the Christmas trees. There was just one rule they had to stick was strictly forbidden for a fairy to kiss anyone.!

The trouble was that Floella was a wicked little fairy.

One day Harry the Hare was hopping through the forest when he saw Floella sitting on top of a toad stool, combing her hair. Floella said ''Hello, handsome, give us a kiss!''

Harry the Hare was shocked, '' Father Christmas doesn't allow it!'' he gasped

''Anyone caught kissing a fairy will be turned straight away into a Goon!

Bur Floella tickled his ears-just the way hares love and whispered don't worry, we won't get caught!''

Harry the Hare trembled with fear and excitement. He looked over his furry brown shoulder, saw that no-one was looking....and kissed Floella the fairy !

Suddenly there was a FLASH, a CRASH and a mighty WHOOSH!!! of wind. Through the magic of the Christmas Tree Forest Harry the Hare found himself in the court of Father Christmas !

And Father Christmas was furious ! '' Harry the Hare ! You have been found guilty of kissing a forest fairy!

Have you anything to say?''

''I never meant to !'' Harry the Hare snivelled

''If you let me off ,I promise I will never do it again.....just please, please!!!, PLEASE!!! don't turn me into a Goon.''

Father Christmas took pity on the pathetic creature and said,'' I'll give you one more chance...just one more!''

Suddenly there was a FLASH, a CRASH and a mighty WHOOSH of wind ,Harry the Hare found himself back in the forest. And there combing her hair on as toadstool was Floella the fairy.

'' Hiya handsome ,'' she whispered . ''Give us a kiss! ''

Harry the Hare was horrified! Certainly not! he cried, But when she tickled his ears his legs turned to jelly and he started to tremble, ''Oh no ! I'll be turned into a Goon !''

''For one little kiss from me it's worth it'' Floella murmured

And Harry the Hare gave in, He kissed the fairy.

Suddenly there was a FLASH, a CRASH. and a WHOOSH!!!! of wind. Once again Harry the Hare found himself in front of furious Father Christmas

''You foolish hare !'' Father Christmas roared ''You have had your chance ! Guards! Take him away and turn him into a Goon tomorrow !''

Harry the Hare hung his head and let himself be led he reached the door of the court he turned to all the gnomes and forest creatures and said tearfully

''Ah well ,that's life ! Hare today ...and Goon tomorrow.''



Rudolph the red nose reindeer...................



Father Christmas: Ithought Iasked you to go out there and clear the snow!

I'm on my way Father Christmas.

Father christmas: But you only have one welly on

That's all right! there's only one foot of snow.




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Thanks for the laughter KOTC.




You are most welcome Mandy


KOTC thank you for sh-Hare-ing your great goonie sense of humour! :D xxx


So when did you kiss Floella then? eh? eh? LOL :D xx

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Oh scrobbitty, you know it was you and not Floella


* blushing :)


Thanks KOTC

Your jokes kind of make me groan !!!!!! but then I cannot help laughing , kind of not believing that I actually read it to the end!! all the time KNOWING it was going to be something like that, but STILL having to read it, and I still had to laugh

Good fun, and so very Christmassy

Thank again


I don't mind you groaning as long as you laugh in the end Sohara


Hare,Hare everybody. Lol :) Janexx


Nice one Jane


Hare today, gone tomorrow. Got some Hare Restorer if you want it KOTC LOL BERWICK


Let's restore order Hare! Berwick


Great King. Enjoyed that one.


Hare raising story Ho Ho


Made your hare stand on end ,did it Tinman?


Hi KoTC - Sohara has already said it all..... lol Julie xxx


Glad your still here king.


I have nowhere else to go.,and I have too many friends on here that look after me to leave cocksparra


I'm doubled up laughing at that one, which is no mean feat when you're Mrs Blobby!! Glad you seem to be much better King. xxx


Shall I start a slimming joke club after Christmas poemsgalore? Thanks to, I am feeling quite a bit better. doing as I am TOLD!!!!


Hope you are feeling better and Christmas cocktail Hare of the Dog will be the spirit.



I'll make a cocktail that will make your HARE stand on end Ali


That put a smile on my face King, only Tom and I had dreadful news last Thursday, my cousin who would be 19 on boxing day was killed when a motorist over took three cars and smashed into her car which flung into the air, only,my cousin died instantly, it is a very sad time, I have read your blogs but it is difficult under the circumstances,



That is tragic jan.I am so sorry ,my prayers go out to all of your family.


thankyou king, my bronchitis is taking me time to recover, also cousins killer appantly is known to the police and they have aready said he is going own for 14yrs love jan


King I also have had a very bad bout of Bronchitis,and still getting over it, I hope every one has a good chistmas.



Hope you recover soon and thank you for your Christmas wishes jan


Jan I am so sorry you are having such a sad time in your family and you're not well, please know I am thinking of you and saying a prayer for your cousin and all the family,hufferpuffer xxx


thankyou for your kind thoughts, the family are trying to cope with things. love jan


Jan, so sorry to hear you sad news and that you are still not fully recovered from Bronchitis. xxx


thankyou for your kind thoughts, this last bout of bronchitis has taken its toll


Enjoyed, thanks


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