my wife received a p45 from inland revenue this morning telling her incapacity benifit stoped on 14/11/2013. had to phone esa to find out what was going on. turns out decision to transfer my wife from incapacity benefit to esa support group.was derscided on 8/11/2013.nice of them to let us know. they said letters will follow. I think they should let you know first before sending p45

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If you don't mind me asking, at what stage of Copd is your wife?, only asking because I myself was going to explore the incapacity benefit avenue!.... Yes we just a number!!...regards Baz

my wife does not have copd she is physicaly disabled you cant claim incapacity benefits its now esa

And woe betide you if you don't supply them with information on the dot! Andy

Thanks for your reply Teaky 19, new to all this malarkey myself!!.... "/

Evening Teaky, I had the very same done to me just before xmas last year. I had a medical with atos, and they said I was ok, so I appealed and won my appeal, but then they said my contribution esa has now run out. and because my husband lost his job, he will have to claim for me. They also said that I wouldn't have to go to the job center, because they know that I cannot work, but that I may get better in the future. And did not receive letters till months later. Hope you have better luck than I did. all the best Nannyb xx

true we are always the last to know x

I'm going through trying to claim ESA I'm level 4 COPD but no one seems to know where my claim form is my contributory ESA has run out but because my husband works they don't care I have just sent a letter to both MP's in my area saying decision on DLA and ESA needs changing for anyone who has COPD and lung problems as our health problems have no cure and is long term good luck

I would have thought that when your contributory esa stops you should then go on income related esa it is not up to your husband to keep you. at stage 4 you are only one step away from end you are seriously ill.i am end stage copd & pulmonary fibrosis.ive been given 6 live.the only thing they can do for me is palliative care when im bed riden.get back in touch with dwp and ask them why you are not getting income related esa

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