Back To Work, mattcass

Hi All, please accept my apologies for not being in touch ( I was running the half marathon in the Great North Run on Sunday ) Naw am only Joking my laptop is broken and is in the repair shop till Friday I hope, Well the first two days back was very hard I was trying to hard in front of people and tried to be as normal as one could be, When we all climbed the stairs at the same time you could feel their eyes on me and then talking to me to see if I was out of breadth believe me I was and when we got to the 1st Level it felt like I had climbed Ben Nevis ( that’s next year with Tony, Dall05 ) It was great to see my pair of herons still there in fact got a great snap of the two off then in the same frame that’s unusual as they start fighting when they get close, I am working three days next week,fri. And four the next, Fran did remind me that I am 3 stone overweight and when that goes there will be no stopping me. Keep well, Matt,Fran

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  • I think its amazing that you were able to climb the stairs and keep up! Absolutely fantastic. You must be really proud of yourself. Wishing you all the very best TAD xx

  • I knew you were back this week but was unsure which days. Very well done for managing it! I had stairs at work but we also had a lift, which I did take to using towards the end. I hope things go really well for you. xx

  • Hi Tad Thank You, I'm so proud of Fran and all you lovely BLF & RA People who got me there with the love help and support. Matt

  • Congratulations Matt, well done. You have got a great attitude and I am sure it will serve you well.

    Best wishes BC

  • Hi BC thanks MC

  • Round of applause, Matt. Very positive - love Anniex

  • Hi Annie thank you,Mattcass

  • Well done Matt! M

  • Hi M thank you,Mattcass

  • I'm pleased that you have turned the tables on your illness. It will give hope and inspiration to others.

  • Congrats, it is amazing what you have been able to do

  • Well done to you Matt and hope you continue to do well for the future. Those stairs will be fine for you to climb in no time at all. Your herons reminded me of some marriages and made me smile. Take care and love to you and Fran. Carole xxxx

  • Well done Matt.

    Lynne xx

  • Awesome, mat. Fantastic inspiration. :-) :-) Alison

  • Fantastic FEET ,well done


  • Hi KOTC Thank You, Need to get the feet moving for the strictly come dancing, my first 20 limericks are in the bin Frans says I would get the Jail for sending them in.Matt/Fran

  • Spoilsport Fran


  • Wonderful to hear,big pat on the back to you! Fran cracking that whip,has done wonders lol! xxx

  • Hi Wendells Thank You, Your right there about Fran cracking the whip, I can just imagine her in the long leather boots with the 7" heel. Hee-Hee matt

  • Don't let your imagination run wild Matt


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