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Can anyone help

Hello everyone

Considered myself really lucky my husband was fit and healthy and so wonderful he did all the things I couldn't do.

Then on the 14th he had a heart attack bless him, now he needs a triple bypass, he doesn't feel Ill but he's not allowed to do anything especially drive which is helpful he's a taxi driver and self employed

He applied for and is going to get ESA through his national insurance £75 a week can anyone tell me is he entitled to claim anything else. We are totally in the dark he's worked since he was 15 he's 61 now.

Thanks Kim

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Hi Kimmy I am sorry to hear about your husband's heart attack. A triple by pass operation sounds scary but it is a fairly routine operation now so fingers crossed he will be much better afterwards. Your best best bet is to ring the BLF helpline. They have a benefits advisor there who should be able to help. But to start you off you don't say if you are working or not or whether you have your pension yet. But you might be able to claim housing benefit (if you rent), council tax benefit, working tax credits, pension credits etc.

Hope this is some help.

Bev x


Hello Bev

Thanks for your reply. I still do 3 days so 18 hours when I'm well of course and I'm 54, I've applied for DLA it was rejected first time so I'm waiting for an appeal. We own our own house and have payment protection so hopefully the mortgage will be paid, I don't earn much and apart from the 75 that's it so don't know about the other domestic bills.



Thanks Stitch

I'm absolutely terrified actually, money doesn't really matter but he's panicking which won't help him and I'm stressed because I'm feeling ill as I'm getting over pneumonia. It's all happening here.



Hi Kimmy,can't help in the finance dept.as things are different here(Aus.) but I can tell you,not to worry to much about the op.

Harry had a triple by pass 10 years ago,& never looked back,heart wise anyway! He was up & running just a few weeks later.Today,they are even ore advanced I'd imagen,

Good luck with it all,

Love Wendells xxx


PS.please don't stress,no need! Look after yourself,getting over pneumonia is not much fun! xx


Hi Kimmy

As Stitch has said CAB can be very helpful. Alternatively, you can contact the Welfare Rights department of your local council. I have found them useful in the past. Good luck to you and hubby.

Bobby xx


Hi Kimmy59, sorry to hear about your hubbies heart attack, and feel for you at this time of stress. Take things slowly, there are lots of varied help you can get as your hubby is over sixty, but all require claims and form filling. Age UK can assist you or if you have a local benefits assessment team in your local council department. Our local GP has a CAB session each week for such matters & the local church. The DWP site online offers a lot of advice too if you are too ill to get out. If you require health help then social services can make an assessment of needs on the grounds of disability, you can make a request yourself or get your GP practice to request one.Hope this is of help best wishes for a speedy recovery for both of you.


Sorry to hear of you and your dh's health issue. I have found Welfare Rights excellent but there is also BLF, CAB and DIAL which are also good.

Healing hugs

Love cx


Thanks to everyone for your advice greatly appreciated, I'll get my husband to ring someone in the morning, or I will ring BLF.

Thanks again

Kim xxxxxxx


It takes time to settle into new ways of being ...and deal with the grief of lost ability. Maybe look at solutions to your new needs and lots good advice given by others here.....then look at how you can have a great life doing it different ly:) hope you both feeling better and cheerier soon. X


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