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What are your distinct recollections of years gone by

MEMORIES 30's,40's,50's,60's,70',80's

...........................I..................Distinct Recollections

I remember being in a perambulator with my sister and Mum was pushing us to Gran's farm in the pouring rain

All of a sudden the lane leading to the farm was washed away and the perambulator went into a four foot deep crevasse. My mum was screaming and my Auntie heard her from half a mile away and came running and helped to rescue us.



Get yourself out of a hole and go to your local Breathe Easy group

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I remember the coronation of the queen. We did not have a telly. I was just 2 with 3 older brothers and 1 younger brother (later there were 8 kids altogether). We had very little so having a party with orange squash and lots of food was memorable in itself. Each of us kids was given a Coronation mug. I drank my squash and got down from the table to ask for some more. I ran outside to find my mum to ask for more. I tripped on the broken concrete of the back yard. My special mug flew high in the air. Knees hurt. Elbows hurt. Mug smashed. Arm pulled. Hauled into the air. Legs and bum throbbing. Too scared to scream. First hiding I could remember. Never been a royalist but rather them than adoration of a president because I live the historic value. Years later when in my teens, my mother turfed out a large cupboard. There she found 4 coronation mugs. She was scratching her head because she knew there were 5 of us at the time. Even though Robert was only 1 she knew he had one too. I told her mine was broken so I no longer had one. I was amazed that she could have treated a 2 year old like that and just not remember. I was nervous of her because she had always told me she did not want a girl and she certainly did jot want me! Sorry about that king, it's just that that is my strongest memory of the early fifties. Sixties - now you are talking - musis, music, music, Beatles, dancing, breaking away, boyfriend - lovely Maurice - colour - bright clothes, big hair, music. 70's, no Beatles - sad, punks - sadder, ripped clothes, spitting - yuk. 80's - children, bless. 90's nasty divorce, g.t husband - - financial crisis, health melt down - tough, tough! 2000 new optimism, new husband - always referred to as current husband so he does not become too complacent, bless him. 2004 beautiful granddaughter ... lots of ups and downs but true love eventually and lovely family. Lots of fun and laughter on the way. Best way to survive life is to always find the funny side of a situation and keep a good sense of the ridiculous. :-) :-) Alison


Well done you, a born survivor! I'm very glad you've had love, fun & laughter along the way - as did I.

It's strange isn't it that our parents cant remember their cruelty, I know I would never have survived had it not been for the unconditional love of my older sister.

I remember my mum saying in her late seventies "I dont know how anyone could be cruel to a child". I was speechless (and didn't remind her of being thrown into the coal hole for hours in the dark or the rest of it). I remained afraid of my mother well into my late 40's


I always had a strange fear of my mum. She seldom talked to me peeg

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Thank you peeg and well done to you too. Survivors, that's us! When I divorced my kid's father, who was a right b******d and treated the kids and me like dirt, she would have nothing to do with us. She told my girls lies about what I was like as a child. After that she was only interested in my son. He, on the other hand was not very bothered. He knew there was not much point in keeping in contact with her once my dad died when my youngest was 1. Chloe is her first great grandchild but she has never seen her. She also now has 2 great grandsons so Chloe will never be important. Just as well she has never met her. She has had enough pain in her little life already. From my mother I learned what I would not do when I had children. When 40, I tried to talk to her about the pressures she was under when we were kids but she told me I was a simpleton and she had no idea what I was getting at. I think they have to blot out what they once did or they could not live with themselves. Brilliant us for knowing it was all wrong at the time and making sure we were different. :-) :-) :-) Alison

Life can seem so sad at times. But out of it goodness can be learnt


You're absolutely right kotc. I'm a believer in goodness xx

Oh Alison that so reminds me of my mother. She would say the same type of thing and I was terrified of her until my 40's too! My youngest sister had a baby and my poor sister had postnatal depression. (she was in her mid 20's). The doctor had advised her to tell her family and seek support so she told our mother. Apparently all my mother said was - I might know you would be too weak to raise a child. I suppose I will have to bring him up myself!. My sister didn't tell me this until years later. Just as well for I think I would have gone for my mother! I was absolutely furious...

Bev x

Your poor sister. Hope she was OK. My mother kept telling people when i was in my teens that I was pregnant. The first couple of times I was still a virgin! When on my own bringing up the kids she told the ex I was a useless mother and she told my kids I was useless. What on earth kind of satisfaction did they get from being so nasty t their own kids? Thank goodness all 3 of my kids (that includes the very difficult one who had Chloe when only just 18) said they always felt loved and wanted. Phew! Job done. They talk about the cycle of abuse/neglect so how is it we are so different and loving? Take care, survivor :-) :-) :-) Alison

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I was just ignored most of the time which can be just as hurtful Bev

I have still got my mug, the Coronation one! Hee HEE. My current wife is fantastic Alison

Falling out of the bedroom window I was sneaking along the windowsill to go and kill my baby sister and I caught the window catch and fell out! The reason I was on the windowsill was the floor creaked and I had already had a smacked bum for getting out of bed - I was 3 1/2 .

I tried to kill my sister many, many times and according to her when she gets in my car I am still trying :D

Janet xxx

(shhh I am now 67 and I will succeed one day lol)

Kiss and make up Eh Janet.| You don't want to damage the car.

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Giving my doll a ride round the yard on my scooter she fell and broke her head (they were made of pot then). My Mum took her to the doll's hospital to have a new head on but I never liked it after.

Going to see my new baby sister in the hospital I was 10 and she was the fourth girl.I said to my Mum that she couldn't bring her home cause she was covered in black hair and looked like a monkey.She turned into a beautiful baby but alas is no longer with us.


Doll's hospitals were popular in those days, I didn't have any dollies.

One of my first memories was being in a pushchair on my first visit to London to see the Festival of Britain....the Skylon I remember and a Heath Robinson machine.

I don't know what they were, being a country boy!

One of my earliest memories was being lost in the jungle in Singapore and a jeep with two R.A.F. policemen finding me.My brothers had left me because I refused to cross a stream and I ended up falling asleep after bawling my eyes out! must have been about four years old at the time.

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The little rotters. Did you become the original Jungle---?

One of my first memories was when I was 5. I was in hospital having my tonsils out. The ward was full of just kids having the same operation. One by one they all went home and I was left all alone because my parents were late picking me up. I remember wandering into the nurses room and sitting on the window ledge looking out at the driveway. There was a big bowl of grapes there and the nurses let me have some. I can still remember the massive feeling of relief when I saw the car. I thought I have been forgotten about (that maybe explains why I am so insecure now!). My mother bought me a red frog as a reward for being a brave girl! :d

Bev x

And you've been hoping eversince

Errr a toy red frog :d

I remember being in my cot and jumping up and down as my dad came home from work and did his usual trick of putting his trilby above the door so I would think giant coming! Screams of delight from me as I knew it was my dad. Another was eating crunchy corner of still warm bread in my pram. Xxx

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Dad's did all sorts of tricks!

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