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Today after hypertonic sailine a coughed up biggest brown scab yet

Anyway a recoverd it and yet again a shoved it under me kids sciance musem microscope :)

And yet again looked like skin but as it come from my lungs must be scar tissue

And yep it had pointed fibers sticking out of it again so having taken previous comments on board am going to dispatch it to GP so it can be given a good going over as i feel it is asbestos and various other asbestos fibbers

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My gosh! I found a site called National Asbestos Helpline...but it might be a firm of solicitors after your cash so be careful. Gp assessment is a good idea, send off for it to be tested.

How did you come in contact with asbestos, was it at work?


Hi cheers ye GP is sending it off to be looked at

It was my previous emplomeant at a school that brought me into contact with asbestos .. IIDB have accepted that side of things its just my illness now


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