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I'm back at last, only taken 2 days, lol

This is the first time I've been able to get on here.

Was talking to admin for 2 days, at last I'm back, no stopping me !!!!!!!!

Was up at 4am this morning for the Next sale which started at 5am, was lovely and cool then. Not looking forward to the 32 degrees today.

Take care everyone in this heat


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good morning and welcome back xx

Thank you willowgirl, lovely name by the way.


Not sure about the Next sale but looking forward to the weather. Lovely son has sent us an air conditioner - bring it on! Also lovely granddaughter is at Brownie camp until tomorrow afternoon so we can ... yawn ... snooze all day if we want to. Yeahhhh...zzzzz. Alison

Think it might be a touch too warm for me outside today, hot and cold weather really effects my breathing and I'm only mild emphysema. Still after getting up at 4am might need to have a lay down this afternoon, lol. Have a lovely day snoozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing


Good to see your post Peta,I was trying to reply to a post,on the old one to you,but kept getting the dreaded 404! Can't remember if it finally got through or not.

Anyway so delighted now,that I don't have to do that half a dozen times,it actually goes straight through,feels like xmas!lol!

Hope you enjoy. Few zzzzz xxx

Yea really hate that 404, who let him join our club, lol

Gonna have a look at the site now and see what we can and can't do

Take care


Hello Peta

Glad you find your way in.

Not looking forward to that temperature, have little grandson coming over for the weekend, and he has me running about after him to keep him out of mischief.

Anna x

Hiya Peta, was hoping you would get back here - there may be some who don't bother with the difficulties with getting logged on yesterday. Have a good day today :) xx

Glad to see your back and navigated your way through the mine field of gremlins that have invaded this site Hate it when regulars go missing in action, never know whether there ill or if it's the site not working.

Glad you had a good time at the next sale, I have got an air conditioning unit which is brilliant in this heat albeit a little noisy but when it gets too hot you don't care just welcome the relief from the heat.

Take it easy today and enjoy your snooze.

Love Julie xx

Delighted to see you back Peta! Well done for perseverance. Glad to see another familiar face :) Judy x

Hi Peta, we can take your name off the search party list :)

It's been a rather harrowing time, trying to log in, navigate around the site etc., but with luck, all the problems will soon be a distant memory :)

Sandra x x x

The ability to reply to this post has been turned off.

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