Recent e-mails

In response to all the recent e-mails about my dog:

Please be advised, I am sick and tired of answering questions about my dog!

Yes, he mauled six people wearing Labour t-shirts, four people wearing Lib-Dem t-shirts, two Tories, nine teenagers with pants hanging past their crack, four charity canvassers, six religious callers and an overcharging taxi driver.

For the last time... The dog is not for sale !!!


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  • Everytime I see a teenager with their trousers down round their cheeks I want to ask them if they know how it started and what it means. Bet most of them would start wearing the waist bands under their armpits!

    PS. When your dog's for sale can I have first refusal?

  • It started in the U.S. and was a rebellious style based on "prison chic". Prisoners aren't allowed to wear belts in case they try to hang themselves, so their jeans hang low! A kind of identification with badness. But the origins are probably lost now in the mists of time and lots of cheek-flashing kids wouldn't know that.

  • i read similar to do with prison, but it is supposed to indicate you are available to other prisoners xx

  • Yes, that makes sense too. Interesting. But I dont think most of the lads on the streets here are dressing like that as a sign of gay availability! Not round our way anyway! xjean

  • he he i always want to tap them on shoulder and ask them if they know they have a stain, xx

  • !!!!! that's cruel! xx

  • I have put you at the top of the list

    Bobby xxx

  • If CarrieMe doesn't love him at first sight, can I have dibs? I can feed him temporarily with KKK the cat ;)

  • Sorry Scrobby, he hates chocolate. I daren't risk it. Still loves ya though.

    Bobby xxxx

  • You would even think for one moment that my precious stache would reach his lips? Lol :) Love you back xxx

  • if he's not for sale can I borrow him pls

  • I was thinking of renting him out. Dunno what to charge though. Mind you if you are looking for something really vicious the wife is available on a long lease. Very long! lol

    Regards from Bobby

  • I'll give her a home then, she likes chocolate :)

  • what you need is a chocolate springer, just don't try to eat iot, don't think it would appreciate being bitten on the a**e heehee! :P

  • Sounds like my kind of dog - have ordered one from Amazon - amazing what you get on there these days :)

  • Delivery tomorrow ok?

    he he he


  • Yes that will be fine, because psychically I tidied up today, obviously knew I would be having visitors :)

  • Our pets!! Changing the subject just a little to another furry animal, I am now back home clutching my antibs, and sitting with Betsy the cat.

    The journey back was a nightmare for me. Unwittingly, I took my diuretic, meaning to miss it out, prior to a journey along the M3, M25. I was desperate for a visit to the loo to the point of gritting my teeth. Then there was a hold up, the traffic crawled along. Then the traffic started moving, and then a sign "Caution - slow traffic" Absolute agony - I would have rather had a tooth pulled. Off the motorway - we saw a starbucks - bliss but I cant walk fast. My whole system was in a spasm by then!!!

  • Oh yikes !! Well at least it's all over now and you are safe and sound back home with Betsy. I bet she missed you. :)

  • sorry don't do wives any more they're to complicated, but i'll hire the dog when u figure out rates lmao :D

  • Brilliant I have nicked it for my FB . . brill.

    xx Ros xx

  • Brill can I have two please LOL

  • Very good thank you x

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