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It's Bobby's hobby horse time again. Why oh why do pensioners insist on going to the supermarket on a Saturday? They have all week to go and yet they have to go on a Saturday and get under the feet of the poor devils that work all week and can only shop at weekends. Car parks are packed and there are long queues at the tills. Show a bit of sense peoples and go during the week.

Ok, rant over, love to everybody

Bobby xxx

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  • When i was working i would moan about pensioners in the supermarket on a Saturday then on retiring i became a Saturday shopper ,why because it was lovely to get everything fresh for Sunday dinner .Now my morning out is Thursday and i dont have a Sunday dinner!! Dorothy xx

  • Good girl Dorothy, do your bit for the workers of the world.

    Love from Bobby xxx

  • I try to do mine online which helps me out.x

  • Me too. I shop and they drop.



  • Woah up there,! Some of us shop daily 'cause if you are alone it it the cheapest way not to waste.

    Plus some of the shopping is just too heavy. Gosh I may be of pensioner age, but my shop can go through the one basket Isle !

    But yeah, I do understand, some oldies are actually quite rude. Nah, not me, lol,

    I love to go shopping for food daily . . .


  • That's why I like to go to the soupymarket at stupid o'clock at night - no queues, no people, parking spaces left in the disabled spots - downside, no food left. Oh well you can't have it all :)

  • I go on a Tuesday night after church more meetings about 11.30pm Bargains galore as it is all change ready for fresh offers on the Wednesday.

  • Now Bobby, individual pensioners are okay shopping at the Weekends .... it's when they form gangs in the aisles, now that's when the problems arise. They can sand there blocking the flow of traffic and totally ignore you're polite "excuse me's" while they converse on the latest soap's intrigues .

    Any attempts made to disperse this gathering will be met with glares and silence. However, a quick clip of the shopping trolley soon shifts them.

  • My dad goes on a Saturday as that's the only day when my brother and sisters are not working to be able to take him.

    I like to go at about 10pm as the new stock is out in the aisles for the overnight staff to put on the shelves, so it's available to buy if we need something they may have sold out of earlier. The disadvantage is that there's often load of drunk kids trying to buy cheap cider causing hassle, and very few staff on checkouts despite the number of shoppers. On the other hand, there are plenty of them up and down the place to lift stuff off high shelves that we can't reach.

  • How do you know they go on Saturdays

  • Aha ! You clever man, well spotted :)

  • My wife told me. lol Nice one Chris


  • Premature moan, its only Friday

  • It is? Dammit, I thought this week was going quickly.


  • In my nearest town we've got 'posh' pensioners so they shop on a weekday 'cause weekday shopping is posh, Saturday shopping is common ! Yes we shop on a Saturday.

    Lib x

  • Oooh I didn't know it was posh to shop on a weekday :-) Having worked weird hours all my life I'm used to shopping when it's calm.

    Posh Koala ;-)


  • I usually get my chauffeur to go in and do mine while I sit in the back seat and sup whisky.

    Bobby xxx

  • I wonder why pensioners choose to go shopping at the weekend, I personally try to go when it's calmer and very rarely have to buy anything at the weekend. The shops are so much more pleasant when there are few people around.

    Maybe some pensioners feel a bit lonely and like to be amongst a lot of people sometimes? Or like what was already mentioned, due to whatever reason it's the only time they can make it.

  • Maybe the 'pensioners' still work during the week?

    Lynne xx

  • If they are on a state pension, they'd need to! :(

    Sandra x x

  • My husband is 70 this year and still goes into work, he's self employed so can pick and choose, it will make a big difference to us when he does finish. Still I keep telling him he's lucky to be 70 and still work, and it's not easy work either, factory maintenance.

    Lib x

  • I've just realized we're talking about boisterous, nusiance pensioners shopping on a Saturday, and I'm agreeing and I am a pensioner !

    Lib x

  • In this town, they are all pensioners so not a problem on a Saturday. We should feel to shop as and whenever, whatever the day providing we take a friendly manner with us.

  • Hiya Annieseed

    The point I was trying to make was that the supermarkets round here get extremely crowded on Saturdays. Most pensioners really don't need to shop on Saturdays and it would reduce the crush. I personally always shop very early on Fridays. With freezers etc I just don't need to go at weekends.

    Love from Bobby xxxx

  • I shop on line so you can't blame me ;)

  • ok Jan, you are exempt from criticism. lol

    Bobby xxxx

  • thank you kind sir.

    I will say though that pensioners who shopped at lunch time used to be my bugbear when I was at work especially in M&S. I would be wanting to get just a sandwich and they would be standing there comparing what or which was the best as if they had all the time in the world. Which of course they had but I bloody didn't :D

  • Yes Jan, but it's people like you who fill the aisles with those annoying internet order pickers which us poor souls have to negociate our way around, but I'll forgive you cos you're a lovely lady.

  • We are pensioners and we shop every day, newspaper deliveries round here! Keep smiling

    Carole x

  • Supermarkets are open 24 hours a day during the week, so why don't workers shop on their way to work or on their way home to leave supermarkets clear on Saturdays for pensioners, grans with grandchildren, mums with their kiddies that have be at school all week.

    If workers did that then the roads on Saturday would be clearer for pensioners....or is it that pensioners are tempted out because the biggest market of the week in most towns is Saturday and after the supermarket they will spend time wandering amongst the stalls.

  • It's not the pensioners that annoy me, but there are two things, the idiot who has to park outside the doors on the double yellows when the car par in nearly empty thus being able to block access to the disabled bays. The other one is the people who wait until the cashier gives them the final total and then start looking for their purse/wallet which of course is buried or hidden. Grrrrrrrrrr

  • I shop online now, can't be bothered with pushing a trolley.

    I did have to pop in the other day at the week-end as some items were missing from my delivery (not happy about that), and found the supermarket very quiet, okay there were still queues at the tills, but only because the bosses in their wisdom though it would be funny to close half the tills and make us all queue at the remaining ones instead of keeping all the tills open and getting us through quickly.

    You queue when it is busy and all the tills are open and you queue again when it is quiet because they close some tills.

    I have started shouting, can you open some tills please, and they do.

  • Oh dear Bobby what about breathless old birds like me who is maried to a lovely man 16 years her junior. I am an OAP he still has 15 years to go sooo do we have to go on different days. Can I take him on a SAGA holiday or should we do that seperately too. Only messing, when my mum was 89 she used to moan like hell about oap's blocking the isles while they chatted.


  • Hiya Maxer

    I have the problem in reverse. My wife is 20 years younger than me. I can't fly with this emphysema so she jets off to Corfu every year with our daughter.I am just abandoned .Life is so hard for two weeks a year. In fairness she does take me to Newquay for six days every October.

    Love from Bobby xx.

  • Phillips 1, I am a pensioner, and I will damn well shop when I want to, I certainly won't stop at home just because people with your attitude think I should stay in on Saturdays. How rude !!!

  • I'll consider my wrist slapped then!

    Love from Bobby xxx

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