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Tom Greatrex MP Is Nice To See Some Who Have Moral Compass .... Don't You Think Tom Greatrex MP Letter To PM David Cameron Re: ATOS

Rt Hon David Cameron MP

Prime Minister

10 Downing Street

London SW1A 2AA

16 May 2013

Dear Prime Minister


I have been contacted by a doctor who, until very recently, worked for Atos Healthcare carrying out work capability assessments on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

As you will be aware concern has been expressed, including by the National Audit Office, about the performance of Atos Healthcare and the management of the work capability assessment process by the DWP. Recent figures show that 42% of those who appeal the original decision by the DWP, which is largely based on the original Atos assessment, are successful.

Government figures suggest that the cost of running the appeal system in 2012/13 will reach £70m. This means that taxpayers are effectively paying for this process twice – first through the £112m contract with Atos, and again for the appeal system to correct those mistakes.

Doctor Greg Wood, who served as a medical officer in the Royal Navy for 16 years, has made the following allegations:

- “claimants are often not being assessed in an even handed way”

- “In my experience HCPs are not free to make independent recommendations, important evidence is frequently missing or never sought in the first place, medical knowledge is twisted and points are often wrongly withheld through the use of an erroneously high standard of proof”

- If Atos assessors “show deviation from the official line the HCP is instructed to change the report”

- “In about a quarter of assessments important documentary evidence is missing but the assessments go ahead regardless.”;

-Training of new HCPs creates an environment where HCPS “expect that they will see in the course of their work score too few points to qualify for ESA. This is often the de facto starting hypothesis, with the effect that the claimant usually faces an uphill struggle before the assessment has even begun.”

- HCPs often “begrudgingly” score claimants

- There is an attitude drilled into HCPs “which leans towards finding reasons not to award points”

- “I believe that this overall bias in many cases affects the outcome of the claim when the claimant’s disability lies broadly in the middle of the disability spectrum.”

These are very serious allegations which merit urgent investigation. I am writing to urge you to personally order such an investigation and monitor its outcome.

Those going through the system, and the taxpayers who are funding it, need to have confidence that it is fair and cost-effective. The allegations made by the doctor suggest that this is far from the case at present.

I should be grateful for your confirmation that you will ensure these allegations are investigated as a matter of urgency.

Yours sincerely

Tom Greatrex MP

Rutherglen and Hamilton West

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Basically Its Legal Term Is Abuse Of Due Process ... When Like DWP Know Something Is Harming People Yet They Do Nothing About It

Then It Gets In Realms Of Being Criminal

So Whats Being Done In Our Fair And Great Land Regarding Rule Of Law Nothing .... Priceless


Well, I for one won't be holding my breath waiting for any changes real soon; not just because I have difficulty holding it for 10 seconds.

I'd love to see changes happening, but doubt this letter will move this government into action.


Very True Thats Why We Need To Talk To Our MPs About Abuses Of Due Process ... Its Not Just Reserve Of The Upper Class The Law Or Abuses


Is Criminal Act .... And If I Can't Punish Them Government Should :P


Personally, I think it's nothing more that bluff and bluster from an opposing MP. Had it been from a Conservative, then I'd have given it more credence. Totally agree with you Daz, it's a terrible state of affairs.


I have a natural distrust about any politician.... shake their hands and I count my fingers afterwards to make sure they are all there.


Agreed :)


Although I am a lifelong Tory (blushes with shame) I am inclined to give Tom Greatrex the benefit of the doubt. At least he appears to be trying to help which is more than most of them are.



Yes He Is ... More Than Can Be Said About Any Others ... On Both Sides Of The Fence


I have put a post up on another page. Thanks to Atos , I now have Angina . They are the ' pit's' of the Universe as is Ian Duncan


Don't think anyone would disagree with your views. Sorry about the Angina. Just what you didn't need.


I am pleased there is at least one mp (sorry if there are more.... Not been keeping up to date as I am busy trying to sort my health probs out.... No one else will lol) ....and I for one have had experience with the unfair system..... Previously had 3 medical!!!! (If you can call them that) assessments.... One that took 5 mins..... One that was very professional and lasted 40 mins then one that although lasted over half an hour the lady who carried out the so called assessment didn't look up from her computer screen at me for more than twice for a few seconds..... Was typing all the way through.... Scored me 0.... And had the nerve to put that she never saw me upset blah blah blah..... They are not carried out with any continuity or fairness..... I hope there are a lot more people in power support us in obtaining a fair system!!!!


Forgot say many months later I won my appeal case!!!!


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