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Good Days Bad Days DEFRA Daily Air Quality Index For Your Area


Air ... like really whats that ... All around the earth there is a thick blanket of air called the atmosphere or air ... or short

Like other gases does not have a fixed shape It spreads out to fill any available space so nothing is really empty.

But air cannot escape from the atmosphere :P as the force of gravity keeps it from floating away from the earth ..... :O like a balloon :)

Air pollution ... ever since people first gathered in settlements :( there has been pollution.

Pollution usually refers to the presence of substances that are either present

in the environment where it doesn't belong or at levels greater than it :O should be.

Air pollution is caused by any undesirable substance which enters the atmosphere air pollution is a major problem in modern society

Even though air pollution is usually a greater problem in cities, pollutants

contaminate air everywhere these substances include various gases and

tiny particles, or particulates that can harm human health and damage the


They may be gases, liquids, or solids. Many pollutants are

given off into the air as a result of human behavior. Pollution occurs on different levels: personal, national, and global ... some pollutants come from natural sources.

Forest fires emit particulates, gases, and VOCs (substances that vaporize into the atmosphere)

Ultra-fine dust particles created by soil erosion when water and weather loosen layers of soil, increase airborne particulate levels.

Volcanoes spew out sulfur dioxide and large amounts of pulverized lava :O rock known as volcanic ash .... the major types of air pollution are: Gaseous pollutants: A different mix of vapors and gaseous air pollutants is found in outdoor and indoor environments.

The most common gaseous pollutants are carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides and ozone.

A number of sources produce these chemical compounds but the major man-made source is the burning of fossil fuel. Indoor air pollution is caused by cigarette smoking, the use of

certain construction materials, cleaning products, and home furnishings.

Outdoor gaseous pollutants come from volcanoes, fires, and industry, and

in some areas may be substantial.

The most commonly recognized type of

air pollution is smog. Smog generally refers to a condition caused by the

action of sunlight on exhaust gases from motor vehicles and factories ..... and is all very bad if you have lung condition

Thats why DEFRA have a daily air quality index for your area so you can see what the air qualty is going to be like in your area :)

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The air must of been bad in my area yesterday, as i had a dteadfull day im hoping its better today. X


Great blog Daz have copied link for future use.

That's what I call useful, great stuff thanks.

Chris :-)


thanks for the info .am north west it says 3 low is that good or bad .

Wow i must still be asleep, there's this yellow thing in the sky and its warm. ????? :O

phillips1 in reply to azaard

It's what they call a wishful optical illusion. You aren't really seeing it mate. I'd go back to bed if I were you.

Bobby x

azaard in reply to phillips1

Must have been, cos its gone :(

Great blog daz and according to Defra it is not too bad here today (South East). Pete has to take great care in very hot weather though (not that we get too much of that) as the air quality is not good and he can develop a chest infection. We wait all year for nice weather and then can't go out in it other than 1st thing (not great as Pete takes his time in the morning) or late afternoon when Pete is feeling a bit tired. Oh well! That's life! Hope you are well today and the sun is shining on everyone. Take care. xxxx

Thanks for that Daz. Iv'e shoved it in my favourites box. Bobby


yes thanks for that Daz, says low for me today, and I reckon it was worse yesterday, I had a really rotten couple of days, but feel a little better today. Hope everyone else is feeling good today too :) Good idea Chris, I will copy link to.

Anna x

Thank you Daz. Maybe that's why I've felt so rough last couple of days. Sun shining here in Gloucestershire at the moment. I'd better get shorts on quick! Alison


Great link Daz, my lungs are very sensitive to pollutants and respond really well to good air quality.

Have a great day. Hope the air is good in your area today.

Lovely dayin nottingham,fresh air and sunshine



Good one Daz, I hate the thought that future generations have to deal with so much polution created in my life time, just glad I dont live in China where its realy bad. huff xx

Very good information but what does 3 mean, is it good or bad?


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