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Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis.................KOTC

Last Monday, Breathe Easy Nottingham had a special meeting at 9.45 am ! attended by aproximately 40 members from locally invited BE groups,Steve Crabb(Communications Director,BLF),and Rebecca Gowers( BLF East Midlands Development Officer)

Malcolm Ginever (Chairman BE Notingham) chaired the meeting

The meeting was addressed by BLF Professor of Respiratory Epidemology,Professor Richard Hubbard.

We were informed of the long awaited new research due to start soon into Idiopathic Pulmanory Fibrosis.Professor Hubbard will be passionately involved in the research.

Watch this space.

It is nice that Groups can join each other on these special occasions.

Richard KOTC


Research your local Breathe Easy group and maybe join in respiratory research

Joining details for BE &BLF 03000 030 555 Mon -Fri 10am-6pm

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That will make interesting reading, I put myself up for any trials on offer. :)


I will keep you informed


How exciting,will be interested,to learn any new developments.Do keep us posted!

Cheers Wendells xx


I will as and when I hear anything


I would be interested to know what form the research will take and whether it will be in collaboration with any of the specialist hospitals also currently doing IPF research. Please do keep us up to date & thanks for the info. :-)


The research Professor Hubbard will be involved with is at Nottingham City Hospital

They have been doing IPF research for years but this is going to be much more intense.Many Breathe Easy members are involved with taking part in respiratory research at the City Hospital's,Nottingham Respiratory Research Unit,NRRU.


Thanks KOTC! :-)


I think this was in April or May



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