Are you able to get free local transport to take you to pulmonary rehabilitation?

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  • There are times when I would need transport but it is not available .

  • My PR is with in walking distance. So no need for transport

  • I dont have any pulmonary apps

  • I don't have PR ap.

  • I am well enough still to use transport

  • No free transport provided but I could get there by bus and I have a bus pass. A kind man on the pr course used to give me a lift home - long wait otherwise for bus.

  • It would be nice to be offered a place on a course .....When asked ,am told there's a long waiting list ........So No.

  • What is pulmonary rehabilitation? Never been mentioned to me and I'm 84!

  • Hi PMRPete

    Pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) is a programme of exercise and education for people with long-term lung conditions provided by the NHS and, in some areas, privately.

    There's more information on these courses here:

    I hope this helps.

    Best wishes,


    BLF Helpline

  • I do however have a freedom pass but when I am having a bad spell it is difficult to walk to the bus stop and takes a longer time due to breathlessness

  • Ditto. I have to get 2 buses each way

  • That's a joke. I can't even get PR

  • I have to get a cab straight to the door, as I can't walk very far. I would love to use public transport.

  • I can get transportation one way, but it's complicated I get offered transport but it doesn't fit in with the PR times I suggested they could take me one way and my daughter could pick me up and take me home, but no that's not allowed ggrr. Anyway my lovely physiotherapy arranged for outworker to visit me and go through exercises but it's not the same as PR. Sorry for rant.

  • That's a real shame. I go when I'm able to, having bad spell at the moment so not been for 9 weeks. I'm on the mend and hoping to get back into it soon. It's gentle exercise and we are all at different stages so some can do more than others. It's always varied so we don't get bored, and we try to encourage each other. The other best bit is where we all sit together and discuss any problems we are having. I hope you will soon get transport sorted so you can go and take part. Good Luck and keep doing the exercises at home. It all helps 😀

  • I find it hard my hospital is 3miles away I lose my breath after 50meters iam 62 tried to get esa that was a joke their is nothing wrong with me mentally or physically I struggle to breathe as soon as I start to do my housework can no longer cut my lawn my Alsatian is 16 when she gives out so shall I if their is help out there where is it!!!

  • I have had two sessions of rehab. The one in a Northumberland provided taxis both ways. The second in North Tyneside did not, so I used my car

  • I can get volunteer car but have to pay about 60 per cent of a taxi fare

  • It's good knowing that if my husband is unable to take me to PR, then I can get the free transport on offer

  • What about "don't know. Never tried."? My rehab was very pleasant 20 minutes walk round the corner in mid summer.

  • Having been on a PR course, after arguing with my GP, who seemed to think it was only for sufferers who had exhausted all other medication options. he seemed to think you had to be on oxygen to benefit, I will make no comment of my opinion.

    I would highly recommend it to any person suffering from breathing problems. As advertised it gave me guides to proper non-exhausting exercise and methods of breathing for maximum benefit.

  • Poll needed a 'don't know' option. I drive to mine, but I know other people have waited for 'transport' at the end of the classes. Not sure if it was free or not 🌻

  • We have mobility to help us with appointment

  • In my area transport is provided to attend PR at the hospital but courses held in other venues have no transport provided. The one nearest me has very limited parking (4 vehicles).

  • I live 20 miles north of Aberdeen, with no public transport and no access to health facilities.

  • Shocking!

  • Think you can get hospital transport to take you there , but I think its only right to leave this free for more urgent cases . The classes are free and very good so I get lifts or use my bus pass to get there . The hardest thing for me was getting on the classes as they are so popular , and I can see why as I have been helped greatly by them . Chibby .

  • I am awaiting a session but will have to use public transport since I can no longer drive for medical reasons. Will also be looking at using Age UK who will wait and bring you back for the price of a single private hire ride.

  • They say I can have free transport but I am lucky my daughter always takes me in car

  • I Live in Cambridge you get very little in this area unless you can pay.

  • Not currently on a course but when I am, I have to drive myself or get a lift. There have been parking issues in the past.

  • Have you a blue disabled pass. Can park anywhere including DOUBLE YELLOW LINES.

  • It isn't actually hospital transport.....the hospital provide a taxi to get us there and back home.

  • it cost me £160 .00 to go to Papwouth Hospital

  • I drive there but don't always feel well enough to drive. Also have to go really early to get a parking space to save me walking too far.

  • I haven't been able to get a referral for pulmonary rehab. yet despite several times of asking. Do you have to have severe COPD to get it?

  • No. It should be offered to everyone because it is not only an exercise programme it is also full of information. Don't let them make you wait until you are severe. Attending and learning will slow down the progress.

  • Thanks for that. I will definitely push harder the next time I see my GP!

  • PR is a sick joke where I live, they are so useless at what they do, its nothing but a glorified coffee morning, for the over 70s, I am 58 with very bad emphysema my life has been turned upside down and I just feel very patronised when I attend my local PR group.

  • Hello all, its a Godsend thank goodness that I have my own car, or else I wouldn't be able to get there, No one cares though, We are just people who most of the time who, Look well,? but inside how we all wish ,We could breathe properly and do normal things, Just like the people who we see from day to day and think just because we look well, There is nothing wrong with us, Think again!, How I envy the normal people, but they just, don't understand what its like to be short of breath, To breathe is to live, But to be short of breath is a living Hell, BUT to be honest, We are still here to moan, So We must be grateful, But how nice it would be to be able to take a ,Deep breath, We have to appreciate Life, its wonderful, and don't forget everyone Pulmonary rehab ,is good for us all.

  • I pay at total of £30 every time I have a respiratory appointment or go for tests such as chest xrays. I have never been offered transport

  • I'm not currently on a PR course, but drove myself when I did go. It was 16 miles away and buses would have been impractical (at least 2 changes). I don't know whether hospital transport would have been available had I needed it.

    In my area there is a Good Neighbour group who will drive people to medical appointments, and I think PR sessions would qualify for that assistance, but I know GN are currently having trouble recruiting volunteer drivers.

  • I don't think I need it

  • But i have a Freedom Pass so i travel there on the bus (free!)

  • i am fortunate that i can stil drive myself, but i do believe there is transport which is run by volunteers.

  • Hi im sure that its available but my mum normally allows us to borrow her car as the hospital transport you can be there all day as they pick up early and often have to wait until most people are ready for long detours home.

  • I have finished now,but my husband took me,so it wasn't a problem .

  • I have completed the course ,my husband took me,so it was not aproblem.

  • No i i have to make my own way



  • No disabled badge???? Apply for one!! For 2 disabled people the would be no difficulty. Park anywhere and on DOUBLE YELLOW LINES.

  • I have not made any inquiries and have my own transport so I have no idea if free transport is available !

  • Can make own way to hosp,7 minutes away by car. DISABLED badge means I can park anywhere

  • Hopeless have too go myself for appointment. car

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