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What are reborn babies, it sounds awful but a common occurrence?

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Why post this

Do you have a Heart Problem or a Head Problem ??

Regards and Merry Christmas

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Soppybat in reply to Prada47

Yes, joined this site following a heart attack, do you know what reborn babies are?

He did once say his head was fuzzy.

If this is a genuine query, just type it into Google and you will find out. The tone of your post is very confrontational and as a new member you have clearly no idea of the context. Keep your nasty comments to yourself.

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Soppybat in reply to Nettekin

Just a genuine enquiry, hardly confrontational. If this is one of those sites where people attack a genuine question of wanting to know more, I would not wish to participate.

It's a life like baby doll, very collectible . There now you know.

Many thanks for letting me know. I guess they are like lucky charms

Recently this forum seems to have become aggressive and confrontational in some cases, so unlike the forum I joined many years ago.Take this topic for instance. One poster commented that she took comfort from a reborn baby. That’s fine. Anything which gives comfort is a plus and we all have our own ideas of what helps us along.

Then someone asks what a reborn baby is. Fine. He/she saw it mentioned on this site and was curious. No big deal, but they were aggressively told to Google it. Why? Was it not a valid question?

And also, ( then I’ll shut up), why, when anyone mentions “booster” are they immediately tagged as an undercover anti Vaxer?

Methinks that there are too many members with time on their hands who see reds under the beds at every turn!

Keep as well as your imagination and you’ll do fine !!!

Thank you. I now know what reborn babies are thanks to the responses. I only had the one or two confrontational responses thankfully but as I am more interested in Cardiac Health related issues, I will look elsewhere in future. I don’t feel too comfortable on this site after those recent posts about reborn babies so will seek elsewhere. Thank you everyone for taking time to reply, I am now enlightened!

Reborn doll is a more accurate title as that is what they are.

Well, if we’re being pedantic, then doll would suffice.

Well yes but reborning is the process of changing them, I used to be a reborn artist myself.

They are NOT dolls though.

Thanks for asking the question I did wonder too. I am fairly new to the site and have seen aggressive responses so have been worried about posting or responding in case I say something 'wrong' I am too fragile for any kind if conflict as many others will be I expect.I have received genuine support and had many of my fears allayed from the (mostly) lovely people on here, it would be a shame to put people off joining



There you go. Really don’t know why anyone took offence to your post.

Google has all the answers 😀

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WardijaWardija in reply to

If you read the title of the post, you'd clearly understand why others took offence to it.It read "YUK" . . . Does that word in itself seem like a positive start to a post ? NO.

Its a word best used to describe the taste of sour milk - something unsavoury or nasty.

It seems like the writer of this particular post, had already formed a negative judgement, either in ignorance, being un-informed, which is no excuse in 2021. Or, knowingly showing their dislike for the topic and the original poster - which I believe is much more likely in this instance.

YUK, in summing up, suggests a negative judgement/opinion had already been made . . . and was just posted to cause confrontation and unrest. WHY ? Totally unnecessary.

Hope this clarifies your understanding.

in reply to WardijaWardija

Sorry, but I don’t know you or understand why you’ve chosen to round on me with your capital letters.You’re clearly very upset about this subject but I don’t accept your hostility towards me.

All I’ve done is help on here, but I’ll now take my cue from you and leave the site.

Please don’t respond as stress is something I now avoid along with others trying to spoil my day with their issues.


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WardijaWardija in reply to

I'm sorry you feel this way. You said you didnt understand - I simply offered an explanation, to which you seem somewhat tetchy.I hardly think my comments were of a stress provoking nature.

Personally I don't have any issues with the subject of the original posting.

It's not my area of interest, so it's totally irrelevant to me and I have never posted any comments on the issue.

Happy (stress-free) weekend.

It is not a health condition but is as it sounds, They are realistic babies and often used to sooth people (mainly women) who are going through a stressful situation.

I did quite a bit of research some years ago after seeing a documentary on them.

What stays with me is how rocking a 'baby' actually has a calming effect on people, it is practically an automatic response.

I guess it is a kind of 'blanket' for adults. It is amazing how much relief people get from having their reborn with them.

It is totally harmless and hopefully when people learn how much they can relieve stress they will be more understanding.

A lot healthier than lighting up a fag!!