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Diagnosis of CCF


I was diagnosed with LBBB with severe left ventricle systolic dysfunction,after an ecg and echo. After having all the usual tests and finally an angiogram, I have been told my arteries are fine and they are not sure what has effected my heart. The consultant thinks maybe some kind of infection has caused this. I am on all the usual heart meds and he has now added a water tablet. He spoke about having some test on my stomach area, not sure what this is. I have been signed off work now for 3 months. Has anyone else had a similar experience, I’m constantly asking myself why as I’ve always been fit.

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Hi Ronnie sorry to hear about your heart issues. I can’t comment on this particular health issue but just wanted to offer my support. You mention that you are constantly asking yourself why. After my heart attack I did that for a while but it began a whole set of mind games of what ifs!! So I made a conscious decision to say. ‘I cannot affect my past in any way but I can control my future ‘ so I focused totally on my health and l was able to move forward. I’m not saying it was easy! But that shift helped me to target what I needed to do. Whether that was ask specific questions (I always go armed with a list to my consultations!)or do something different to weight loss or lifestyle etc. You may want to consider booking an appointment with your GP to discuss what the cardiologist said to you. Sometimes they drop these things in and you don’t think about the questions until after! BHF are a good source of information as well and have a helpline. Hope all goes well and take care of yourself that’s the most important thing. Best wishes Zena

Ronniesue in reply to Zena166

Thanks for your reply Zena. I have another appointment with my heart nurse later this month and will ask her if she can put my mind at rest. I just find everyone I see tells me something different.

Stay well Ronnie

Hi, sorry to hear about your problems. I am currently being tested for myocarditis which is an inflammation of the heart which can be caused by infection. Diagnosis seems to be a long drawn out process as it seems to be a case of ruling out other possibilities rather than positive diagnosis. I like you was fit and healthy with normal blood pressure, colesterol, regular exercising never smoked etc so no indicators for heart disease. I have had an ecg showing irregular heart rate but to date have not been given any medication or much information. The myocarditis foundation and bhf website have some helpful information.

Ronniesue in reply to AG2002

Hi, thanks for responding. My ecg showed LBB, echo showed severe left ventricle systolic dysfunction, so have been put on all the meds. They seemed to think I had an artery blockage because of all the tests I’ve had, but no, my angiogram showed none at all. So the latest diagnosis is CCF caused through some type of infection. I’ll be glad when I get the final diagnosis and can settle down to the rest of my life.

Hope your problems are sorted out very soon. There’s always that fear of the unknown. Take care.

Hi how are you now? I am 48 just been diagnosed with left ventricular dysfunction as well all rather a shock to me.

Ronniesue in reply to Vicks7005

Hi, I’ve had a crt-p fitted and on Entresto middle dose. My ef is normal now since taking the Entresto. So I’m doing really well considering. So hope you get on the right medication for you. It’s always a big shock at first, but you do learn to live with it. Pumping marvellous on Facebook is a very good closed site for people with heart problems, you should give it a try.

Great thank you for that I will look into it. X

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