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We’re currently looking at how we can better support parents on the community. Which of the following options are most appealing to you?

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It would be nice to have lectures from a cardiac consultant to explain heart conditions in more detail, and the established protocols for treatment

Also a more nuanced explaination of the pros and cons of the various drug treatments

hi Helen do you mean patients - no parents? I'm sure you do but just want to check. thank you and sorry if asking ridiculous question, d

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Helen_BHFAdministrator in reply to DJK99

No worries! We mean parents of children with a heart condition - apologies it may not have been clear 🙂 More info here: healthunlocked.com/bhf/poll...

Since this forum is for adults; even if they have congenital heart disease, they would not be the parents, if you see what I mean?This question is better suited to a form for child related heart disease as the parents I am sure would really appreciate support.

I have an inherited heart condition & also the parent if a child with this inherited condition.

Yes more professional input on various conditions - just recordings which we could download or stream.

Really good to have a parents support group.

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SallyBarnsley in reply to Handel

Yes I would like one x

After a cardiac arrest last year I discovered I had Long QT Syndrime. This was recently confirmed by genetic testing. We have just discovered my teenage daughter also carries the inherited gene. Feeling quite bewildered & would love to reach out & provide peer support to others in a similar situation.

As my condition is diagnosed as congenital and my dad has heart problems too I'm concerned about my son showing similar. Id lke to know more as a parent rather than wait for him collapse with a cardiac arrest. He may not be as lucky as I was with someone applying CPR, its another fear I live with so I would be grateful for advice as a parent too. I suspect many parents would appreciate access to advice as its a helpless situation to suddenly be thrown into a crisis with a child with a heart defect.