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Where did you receive treatment for PP? (select as many as are relevant)

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Once I was allowed to leave the mixed acute psychiatric ward, I was treated at home by first the Crisis teams and then by the Early Intervention in Psychosis team. The acute ward was horredous, the worst place for me to me without my baby. Being treated at home was ideal after that - I don't think I could have handled going out of the house to attend regular appointments.

How are you doing today? Wish I'd have had other options like a Crisis Team and/or Early Intervention back in 1972 or 1977-1981; thank God you did.


The mixed acute psychiatric hospital was a horrific and traumatising experience. Then the crisis team and early intervention team was put into place. There have been many influential factors why I have been suffering and not receiving appropriate treatment. The after-care has been much better.

I was first admitted to a local acute ward but was far too unwel and manic. So was then transferred to a phychiartic unit. I can remember my whole time there and am scarred from the memorie. But i must tell myself that i was put there to be looked after. And the staff were brilliant. Its just quiet horrific remembering my behaviour and that of other patients!! After being here i was then moved to a mother and baby unit. It took time but allowed me to be with my baby as soon as they saw progress if me becoming well again. I think the mother and baby unit and staff were also fantastic. Hats off to people in that career, dont know how they do it. I was then introduced to the early intervention team where i have ever since recieved package of care from a nurse who i meet with regularly.

Take care

Following discharge from the MBU, I became depressed and had crisis but didn't find them helpful. My Perinatal Psychiatrist was very medication focused and I found that didn't help my depression but the side effects made me worse, so with his help I came off of them.I then had to fight for Community mental health support when I became depressed after burnout 2 years later and their incompetance made me worse so I managed to get a private holistic Psychiatrist that only micro doses if need be. Along with Trauma counselling, therapies etc.

After a month in mixed general psychiatric hospital.. I stayed a home for another month as family saw that the hospital was making things worse, then a private clinic came up for me and baby could go together