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Tell your story for a new book about pre-eclampsia

APEC founders Professor Chris Redman and Isabel Walker, co-authors of “Pre-eclampsia - The Facts” (OUP, 1992), are seeking input from APEC members for their new book “The Pre-eclampsia Survival Guide”.

The new book, also co-authored by Joyce Cowan, a midwife who is Director of New Zealand APEC (NZAPEC), will serve as a comprehensive guide to pre-eclampsia for women and midwives. It will cover everything from historical theories to current treatments; from causation to detection; from prevention to management. It will be rooted very firmly in the real experiences of women who have suffered pre-eclampsia – and that’s where you come in.

As with “Pre-eclampsia: The Facts”, now out of print, the authors are keen to illustrate their key points with real life case histories gathered largely from APEC members. You could be part of this process by contributing to an on-line survey of womens’ experiences, now live on Survey Monkey.

The Pre-eclampsia Survival Guide is expected to be published in the spring/summer of 2013. To add your experiences to our survey, please follow this link:

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Will they contact you if they are publishing your story even if you live abroad ?


Hi Elodie, I have contacted the authors to pass on your query and will get back to you. Kind regards, Ann Marie


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