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Hi !!

My father age is 60 years. He has no diabetes. But he got cataracts. I stay in LONDON. but my father stays in INDIA. I heard that cataracts operations can be avoided by using NAC drops. Is this true? Please suggest me.

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Dear ksm736. I live in Brazil, and it's the first time that I have heard about NAC.

I found the followig information, that I do hope can help you.

Best regards, FF49

New eye drops could mark the end of NHS cataract operations | Daily ...


22 de jul de 2015 - Eye drops that could replace cataract operations are being developed by doctors. Inexpensive to make and easy to administer, the twice-a-day drops could be in widespread use in as little as five years. In tests, they dissolved the clumps of protein that cloud the vision of more than half of pensioners.

The Cataract Cure: The Russian Eye-drop Breakthrough: the Story of ...

books.google.com.br/books?i... -

Marios Kyriazis - 2005 - ‎Health & Fitness

She now con- tinues to use Can-C and is under regular evaluation. What other users of NAC eye drops have said: • “My mother's eyesight has been improved, it is amazing.” • “My ophthalmic physician ... “I feel that being able to avoid surgery; these eye drops have given me real hope for the future.” These case studies and ...

Could these new eye drops cure cataracts? | PBS NewsHour


23 de jul de 2015 - The researchers suspected that the lanosterol prevented the clumping of proteins in the human eye. To test that, they grew lens cells with crystallin clumps in a Petri dish. And indeed, after adding lanosterol to mix, the protein aggregates dissipated. Zhang's team suspects that lanosterol breaks apart the ...