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Last chance to Clark Brothers documentary!

Last year, a documentary was aired on two brothers who were regressing into a child-like state because they were carrying a rare type of leukodystrophy. The Curious Case of the Clark Brothers was broadcast on Channel four in November. The brothers also made the headlines in some of the major tabloids including the Telegraph and Daily Mail, earlier in the year.

If you haven't yet seen the documentary, or would like to see it again, please visit:

I featured in the documentary about the Clark family's traumatic journey, as they struggle with day-to-day life with their son's slowly becoming young boys trapped in adult bodies.

Last week, Channel four decided to make the documentary available on Channel four On Demand. Channel four also kindly inserted a caption at the end of the programme to dedicate the documentary in memory of Alex.

If you would like to see the documentary, you can register for free on the Channel four website:

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