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Expecting baby

My cousin was dignosed with ALD a year ago. My two sons tested (aged 4 and 6) and they are negative. I didn't get tested because I was confusion, but now I am pergnant again and want to know if my baby can have ALD if my sons donot?

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It depends on whether you are a carrier of the mutated ALD gene or not. If you are, then children of either sex have a 50% chance of inheriting the condition. If the child is a boy, then because he only has one X chromosome , the condition is more serious. Girls have two X chromosomes so the condition is usually less serious, though the girl is then a carrier.

See aldlife.org/wp-content/uplo...

for a fuller explanation.

So, you need to get yourself tested as the first step.

Best wishes


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Thanks you very much Chris. I din't understand it before.


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