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Needed some advice my son Anthony who will turning 6 this November recently diagnosed with ALD

I'm a father of 2 kids my youngest son anthony have ALD I was recently quit my job in Saudi Arabia cause of my son condition but to tell you the truth i am financially broke i dont know what to do i have to quit my job to spend quality time for my kid is there an institution or organization can help for my son medication I can work here in my country but honestly it doesn't sustain my son medication as for now he can no longer walk talk and he is having a hard time swallowing hid food please help

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There is a college in the U.S. that welcomes newcomers that want to learn more about the disease and because they do research and utilize patients to learn more, I believe you can get the help you need from them. The college is called the University of Minnesota. Look them up on the web and try to find someone to talk to. I have a nephew that went there when we found out he had ALD. I hope this helps and keep strong for your kids.


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Thanks Jose


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