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Blanking period may be way longer than 3 months!

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Interesting post - the blanking period might be way longer. U have seen the paper with statistics in thousands where post-ablation PVCs from AF ablation that PEAKS at 3 months (that is nominal blanking where no judgement for success or failure can be made) but subsides at 6 months.

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In our fact sheet on Recovering from Ablation we say three to six months but that many people are still improving up to nine months. Since this was written by patients it did surprise a few doctors!

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I expect why many EP’s now wait 6 months before they carry out the first review of their labours!

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I agree totally with that. I definitely continued improving up to 9 months after ablation. At 3 months I was still getting regular AF episodes and scheduled for a second ablation but when asked to come off flecanide in readiness for the procedure, no AF was noted at all. EP still decided to procede and the rest ks history but the end result is that I am still AF free albeit still on a lowered dose of flecanide. X

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I'm exactly 3 months post ablation, and still have a chronic cough and fatigue. I agree 3 months is probably the best case scenario

Luckily on my last pacemaker check a week ago, still no AFib or flutter (I was in persistent AF/flutter before abltion)

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I had abaltion for wpw and after one month I started having PAC will they go away they are very irritating

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